Red Dead Redemption 2 – Steal A Herd Of Sheep Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Steal A Herd Of Sheep

  • Lead your Horse while talking with John.
  • Hitch your Horse by the gunsmith, and buy a Rolling Block Rifle.
  • Mount your Horse, and follow John to a ridge Southeast of Valentine. Then unmount.
  • Using the Rifle, shoot some warning shots near the ranchers to scare them off.
  • Mount your Horse, and wrangle up the abandoned sheep.
  • Herd the sheep into the Auction Yard in Valentine.

Wrangle All 15 Sheep

It would be best to try and wrangle all the sheep as this completes a mission challenge. Keep an eye out for any stray sheep using your minimap to be able to account for all 15 of them.

Try Not To Trample Any Sheep

As you are herding the sheep into the auction yard, it would be best to keep an eye out for any sheep lagging behind. Try to match their speed to avoid trampling them, and herd all 15 sheep into the auction yard.

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