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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Survive the Grays’ Ambush Walkthrough

Survive the Grays’ Ambush

  1. Follow your crew down the road.
  2. Kill the Grays and survive the ambush.
  3. Fend off the Grays from inside the gun shop.
  4. Confront Sheriff Gray and Rescue Bill using Dead Eye.

2. Watch Out for Shooters on Higher Floor

While you will be getting shot from multiple angles, there will also be several shooters aiming at you from high ground. Try to pick them off to cover your vulnerable angles.

3. Be Prepared for Close Quarter Combat in the Gun Shop

There will be multiple enemies in the Gun Shop where you have to deal with in close quarter combat. Use your sidearms or Shotguns to take care of them.

3. Use Cover Often to Avoid Enemy Shots

You will be severely outnumbered in this gunfight. Pop in and out from your cover often to avoid enemy shots and try to minimize the number of guns pointing at you.

4. Aim Away From Bill and Tag the Lawmen

You will fail the mission if Bill dies in this standoff. Use your Dead Eye to mark the Sheriff and the Lawman in the head to eliminate them in rapid succession.

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