Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Aftermath of Genesis Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

The Aftermath of Genesis Walkthrough

The Aftermath of Genesis is the title of one of the missions of Red Dead Redemption 2’s main plot in the game’s first chapter. This task is about going hunting with Charles. Our walkthrough contains info about hunting two deer. This isn’t hard. This mission is more a hunting tutorial than a fully-fledged quest.

How to get the gold medal for The Aftermath of Genesis?

  • Kill each deer with a single arrow – aim always at the head and shoot before the deer leaves (or changes its position).
  • Don’t scare off any deer – shoot from a long distance, preferably from the two places shown in the pictures above.
  • Get a clean kill with the second deer – simply, kill it with a headshot.

Hunt for Food

  1. Talk to Pearson in the camp.
  2. Follow Charles to the hunting ground.
  3. Dismount from your horse and take your bow from its inventory.
  4. Crouch down and follow the tracks.
  5. Kill the first deer near the river bank.
  6. Kill the second deer on the other side of the bank.
  7. Go to one of the carcasses.
  8. Pick up the deer then whistle to your horse.
  9. Stow the deer at the back of your horse.
  10. Mount your horse then meet up with Charles.
  11. Ride back to camp.

4. Keep Crouching to Stay Hidden

Standing up while hunting for the deers will alert them of your position and cause them to flee. Stay on the ground at all times when going through the hunting area.

4. Use Eagle Eye to See the Tracks Clearly

Eagle Eye will highlight the tracks with a blue light for you to follow. This also changes colors if there’s blood nearby or when you wound an animal.

Bring the Deers Back to Camp

  • Choice: Kill the bear or sneak away.
  • Hitch your horse back to camp.
  • Bring the deer to Pearson.
  • Skin the deer.

Kill the Bear for Meat or Continue on to Camp

You can choose to take on the bear you see along the way to camp. It’s advisable to just to find a way around the bear as it’s a strong animal that could take up too much effort to kill.

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