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Red Dead Redemption 2 – The American Inferno, Burnt Out Walkthrough

Walkthrough Summary

Unlocked: Complete Epilogue 1’s “The Landowning Classes” – You can find this stranger on a rocky promontory southwest of Strawberry due the day time. After that, you will be invited by him 24 in-game hours later at his cabin, located in Tanner’s Reach. Tag along with him on horseback and free the trapped animal on the way. Once you reach the camp, brawl the opponents and knock them out.

After 24 hours, visit Miller again and leave some food at his door. If you don’t have any, buy some or cook some at the spot. Return one last time after two in-game days to complete this stranger mission. Pick up the platinum pocket watch on his desk, then set the curtain on fire.

The American Inferno, Burnt Out

The American Inferno, Burnt is the title of one of the side missions of Red Dead Redemption 2. This is a few-part task, in which the main character finds the famous writer Evelyn Miller. Several meetings can be held with this man, following his progress in his work on a new book.

Unlocking mission

You can unlock this mission as soon as you get to the campaign’s epilogue, but you can only take care of it when the main story is fully completed. You need to find Evelyn Miller and his location is shown in the pictures above. This is the state of West Elizabeth, an area north-west of Beecher’s Hope and south of Strawberry. You will find the writer sitting on the rocks and on your way to him you have to climb a bit. Talk to Miller, who will invite Marston to his home.

Visiting Evelyn Miller in his house

Evelyn Miller’s house is to the south of the place where you first met him. It is shown in the picture above – this is the Tall Trees area next to the Aurora Basin reservoir. The mission marker will not appear there immediately, as the writer must first reach the place. Try to go there about one day after the first meeting.

Embark on a journey with Evelyn. On the way you’ll come across an animal that has fallen into traps. Go to the trap and disarm it by rhythmically pressing the action button.

Reach the poachers’ camp together with the writer. Expect a hostile reaction from them. You can defeat them in hand-to-hand combat or shoot them. After hearing them, listen to the conversation with Miller, which will complete this part of the task.

Bring Miller some food supplies

Again you have to wait for the mission marker to appear next to the Miller’s hut. Upon arrival, Evelyn will not let the hero in and will not meet him, because he is busy working on a new book. You have to bring some food supplies to Evelyn. Each time you stand at the entrance door, hold down the interaction button and select an item from the hero’s inventory. If you don’t have any food, you can quickly hunt for animals and cook meat or visit any shop in the game world.

You have to bring food to Evelyn Miller three times. Each time you have to wait one or two days for the marker to reappear.

Mission finale

The last part of the task should be available 24 hours after you bring food to Evelyn for the third time. Go to his hut. After knocking out the door you will find a dead writer. You can take his latest work (America) and read the book in the inventory. There is also a valuable platinum watch on the writer’s desk.

John must fulfill the writer’s last wish and set the cottage on fire with him inside. Go to the curtains and hold down the action button to set them on fire. All you have to do is to get out of the burning hut. After that, the mission is complete.

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