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Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Course of True Love Walkthrough

The Course of True Love I-III is the name of the missions in Red Dead Redemption 2. Here you will find Shakespearean themes telling the story of forbidden love. You will be stealing, delivering love correspondence and even helping in organization of a suffragettes rally.

The Course of True Love I-II

How to unlock mission: Finish “The New South” mission.

Mission walkthrough: Go to Caliga Hall, east of the city of Rhodes. Then talk to one of the guards about the owner of the property. You will reach Beau Gray, a man standing alone in front of one of the buildings, and you will learn about the fate of his difficult love.

You will receive a letter and your task is to reach the Braithwaite Property. Get on a horse and reach the place as fast as possible. Your task is to sneak past the guards and reach the gazebo on which Penelope sits. If you want to go unnoticed, stick to the southern part of the property, pass the guards from afar and try to pass behind their backs.

After the letter is delivered, you have to escape from the property. You can go back along the same route that you reached the gazebo, or steal a boat that you will find near the coast. The choice is up to you – when you run away, the second phase of the mission will be over.

How to get gold medal in The Course of True Love II mission?

  • Reach Penelope without being seen – Check the above walkthrough.
  • Finish this mission below 3 minutes time – You have to be fast and try to move swiftly, even when you sneak.

The Course of True Love III

Mission walkthrough: Not far from Caliga Hall you’ll come across Beau Gray again. Give him a letter from Penelope and you’ll find out about her risky plans. Move with Gray to the suffragette meeting place and you’ll come across Penelope there. Your task is to take women through the city, allowing them to start a protest.

After the scene, Beau’s cousins will appear. Go to the back of the building and choose what you want to do with them – you can alleviate the conflict, or choose to fight. After your choice and potential fist fight, go with the man to the desired location and you’ll complete the mission.

How to get a gold medal in The Course of True Love III mission?

Complete the mission in less than 4 minutes and 15 seconds – You have to keep moving in front of you and be really fast. In addition, at the end of the mission, when the cousins arrive, it is best to ignore them completely and enter the horse right away – this will save you valuable time.

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