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Red Dead Redemption 2 – The most important types of crime

In Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur may have a conflict with the law in many different ways, as there are many different types of crime in the game.

The most important types of crime

The most important of these are:


  • Assault on innocent person or law officer (melee attack or use of firearms)
  • Murder of innocent person or law officer – as you can suspect it’s one of the most serious crimes (and it raises the wanted level a lot)
  • Hitting someone while travelling on horseback – this is very problematic in cities, because it is easy to get involved in an accident. Try to move slowly on horseback after reaching the city in order to avoid potential problems with causing harm to someone.
  • Stealing from somebody – The robbery of a deceased person or a person who has lost consciousness is also considered a crime.
  • Theft in a public place – This also applies to farms whose owners or residents are on the spot. It is only safe to steal from abandoned locations.
  • Theft of a horse – This does not apply to wild horses found in the world of the game.
  • Robbery, includes places like – shop, bank, stagecoach or train. All these types of crime are classified as very serious.
  • Trespassing and entering forbidden locations – This can be a minor offence if you enter a private household, or a very serious offence if you reach Blackwater or the “forbidden” state of New Austin in general.
  • Killing domesticated animals, e.g. dogs or cows – This should be avoided if other characters are in the vicinity.


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