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Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Spines of America Walkthrough

The Spines of America

The Spines of America is one of the missions available in Red Dead Redemption 2’s second chapter. Arthur has to use Hosea’s help in stealing Bob Crowford’s stagecoach. The theft can be done during day or night.

How to get a gold medal in The Spines of America?

  • Loot everything from Carmody Dell – The best way to do that is to act during night because you won’t have to be in a hurry. Examine the farm carefully, and don’t forget to steal money from the stash in the fireplace.
  • Don’t get spotted – Stay in crouch position throughout your entire visit on the farm. If you play during a day then you should watch out when you are entering and leaving the main building.
  • Deliver the wagon to Emerald Ranch within 1 minute and 10 seconds – You need to drive at maximum speed and use shortcuts (preferably in a straight line to the ranch). Watch out for any obstacles, i.e. fences or large rocks.

Get to Carmody Dell & Plan Your Strategy

  • Mount your Horse, and ride with Hosea to Carmody Dell.
  • Unmount your Horse near the trees just outside of Carmody Dell.
  • Scope out the area with Hosea using your binoculars.
  • Choice: Steal from Carmody Dell during the day or night.

Choose When to Rob Carmody Dell

You will be given the choice to rob Carmody Dell during daytime or nighttime. Choosing to rob at night will make you sneak into the house, and loot it while people are sleeping.

Loot Carmody Dell

  • Sneak into the house in Carmody Dell.
  • Loot at least $45 worth of valuables within the house.
  • Meet Hosea with the carriage at the front of the house.
  • Bring back the carriage to Emerald Ranch.

Robbing At Night Will Avoid Combat

Choosing to rob Carmody Dell during the night will make enemies go to sleep. By sneaking around, you will be able to avoid combat while you’re ransacking the place!

Crouch to Become Quieter

Crouching will make you less noisy when moving around. Crouch when inside the house to make less noise so you won’t wake up those who are asleep!

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