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Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Widow of Willard’s Rest Walkthrough

The Widow of Willard’s Rest

Arthur can meet the widow called Charlotte a few times and help her deal with her husband’s death. These encounters aren’t treated as a mission although they are still marked with a question mark. You can meet the widow in chapter 5 or 6. However, Arthur must visit the doctor in Saint Denis first to be able to meet the widow.

Picture 1 shows the place where you can meet the widow – Willard’s Rest is in the north-east corner of the map. Wait for the question mark icon to appear in that place.

  • The first meeting happens near the grave. You have to show the widow how to hunt – kill a rabbit. You will also have to kill two wolves (when you are going back into the woman’s house).
  • The second meeting is in the main building of the farmstead. You can practice shooting bottles. Then, go back into the house to taste the soup. After that, Arthur will lose consciousness. When he wakes up, read the widow’s letter. The woman also left a bit of money for Arthur – check the jewelry box. It is on the nightstand next to the bed.
  • The last, third meeting also takes place on the farm. Charlotte will thank you for your help and kiss Arthur on the cheek. You can use the opportunity to search the farm without fear of being accused of theft. In the main building, you can find as many as three collector’s cards.

Additional note: Helping the widow is one of the ways to increase your honor and to reach the maximum reputation level.

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