Red Dead Redemption 2 – Travel To O’Creagh’s Run Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission Walkthrough

Travel To O’Creagh’s Run

  1. Mount your new horse, and follow Hosea to O’Creagh’s Run.
  2. Hunt and kill a Rabbit.
  3. Bring back the Rabbit to Hosea, and stow it on your Horse.
  4. Set up your camp to rest for the night.
  5. Cook and eat the Rabbit you just hunted.
  6. Go to sleep.

2. Use A Bow To Kill The Rabbit

Guns may ruin the meat and/or pelt of the rabbit. It would be best to use a Bow to hunt and kill the Rabbit instead.

4. Create A Camp From The Item Wheel

You will be able to set up camp by selecting it from the Crafting slot in your item wheel.

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