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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Who Is Not Without Sin Walkthrough

Who Is Not Without Sin

Who Is Not Without Sin is the title of one of the missions that becomes available after you get to the second chapter of the main storyline in Red Dead Redemption 2. This task involves finding the Reverend Swanson, who must be protected from trouble and brought back to the gang’s headquarters.

How to get gold medal for Who Is Not Without Sin?

  • Win 2 Poker Hands. Play carefully so that you don’t lose all your starting cash. It doesn’t have to be two wins in a row.
  • Return with Reverend to the camp in less than 2 minutes and 5 seconds – You have to hurry. Quickly summon the horse of the hero and try to get to the camp by the shortest route possible (i.e. without having to travel along the paths and trails according to radar directions).

Look for Reverend Swanson

  • Choice: Play Poker, or don’t play Poker.
  • Ask around for the Reverend’s whereabouts.
  • Find Reverend Swanson in an open field south of the Poker area.
  • Fight Reverend Swanson’s Attacker.
  • Confront the Witness that saw you fight the Attacker.

Choose Whether or Not to Play Poker

You will have the option to choose whether or not to play a few hands of Poker. Either choice will not affect what happens in the mission, but choosing to play will prompt a poker mini-game.

Save The Reverend From The Train

  • Go to Reverend Swanson along the train tracks.
  • Free the Reverend’s foot from the train tracks.
  • Pick up the Reverend and put him on your horse.
  • Go back to camp, and put Reverend on his bed.

Try to Get Back to Camp As Fast As You Can

Ride like the wind! Being able to get the Reverend back to the Camp in under 2 minutes seconds will complete one of the mission challenges.

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