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Red Line Achievement Guide 100%

Red Line Achievement Guide – 100% achievement walkthrough.

Red Line Achievement Guide 100%


There is currently a bug in Ch. 3 where the screen stays black if caught in the hallway and you must reload a save/autosave to fix it.

100% Achievement GuideTrophy Kid
Talk to all pedestrians in Sun Xuelei’s storyline

You take control of Sun Xuelei toward end of Ch. 3. Talk to everyone.

100% Achievement GuideEndless Darkness
The story has a bad ending.

Ch. 5 as Yang: select “I Don’t Want to Die” twice for an instant bad ending. This happens after the Super Agile in Action sequence. Reload and continue with “Save Her” instead.

100% Achievement GuideOnly One Truth
Complete all clues in the average ending

100% Achievement GuideUnknown Future
The story has an average ending.

Later in Ch. 5, select “Try Something Else” and save, then interact with the door again and select “Yes” instead. Only One Truth should pop when Yang and Chen are done discussing clues in Room 102. Unknown Future follows shortly afterward. Reload and enter Room 101 for good ending.

100% Achievement GuideNature Calls
Investigate all flush toilets

Chen gets one chance to check the Landlord’s toilet in Ch. 5. The final toilet, accessible during Epilogue, is in Room 102 near the entrance (the lights will be off). There is no secret toilet.

100% Achievement GuideFarewell
Bid farewell to everyone

During the Epilogue, you bid farewell to two kids in Room 203, two people in front of Room 102, and the ghost girl in your room before finally letting Yao Man at Room 101 take you back.

Good Ending

Really, all you need to do is read the above section and make two saves in Ch. 5:

  • During Super Agile in Action for bad ending
  • Before skipping Room 101 then selecting “Yes” at door of Room 102 for neutral ending

Getting caught will not ruin Agile in Action achievements.
Chen’s choice in Ch. 4 does not matter (“I Want Answers” / “I Want to Survive”).

The following achievements are simply listed for completeness and are unmissable.

100% Achievement GuidePrologue: Apartment
Prologue Completed

100% Achievement GuideChapter I: Notes

100% Achievement GuideAgile in Action
Not to get caught by the grandma

100% Achievement GuideChapter II: Daughter
Chapter Ⅱ Completed

100% Achievement GuideSpooky Event
Talk to the policeman by the roadside

100% Achievement GuideVery Agile in Action
Not to get caught by the malice

100% Achievement GuideChapter III: Enigma
Chapter Ⅲ Completed

100% Achievement GuideChapter IV: Entanglement
Chapter Ⅳ Completed

100% Achievement GuideSuper Agile in Action
Not to get caught by the mind flayer

100% Achievement GuideChapter V: Border
Chapter Ⅴ Completed

100% Achievement GuideEpilogue: Farewell
Epilogue Completed

100% Achievement GuideCrossed Paths
The story has a happy ending.

Tips for Dummies

You don’t really need this, do you?


  • When you’re trapped on the “fifth floor”, listen for footsteps in front of each door/stairs. Turn up the SFX volume if you have to.

Chapter 1

  • When Chen finds a lock in the corner of Room 201, the code is 0414 (April 14 birthday).

Chapter 2

  • One incense stick is slightly shorter than the longest one. Order from left to right: longest, short, long.

Chapter 3

  • Clues set 1: two on left and one on right, related to Yang and journalist.
  • Clues set 2: three on right, related to Sun Xuelei and non-resident girl.

Chapter 4

  • There are two phone numbers you must dial, one behind peeled certificate on the wall (click on question mark, 6273981), and other on school timetable on a desk (6472150).

Chapter 5

  • In Room 101, the drawing of vertical rectangles represents the books on the bookshelf that you’re supposed to rearrange. The colors of the books represent the order of the highlighted numbers on the sudoku puzzle; this is the computer password.
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