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Regions Of Ruin – Achievements Guide

A simple achievement guide for Regions of Ruin.

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Natural Progress

Most of the achievements in Regions of Ruin are pretty straighforward and easy to unlock. This section covers those achievements that can be unlocked through natural progress.

Stun 10 enemies

Simply block 10 attacks from enemies.

Child With A Stick
Do over 100 dmg in one hit.

Most weapons can achieve this damage. Find some new gear.

Pocket Change
With all that hard work, you have finally gathered 1,000.

Pretty easy to get, just remember to exit with 1000 in your inventory.

Horde Skinner
Kill 100 Goblins, at least the air smells nicer now.

Kill 100 Goblins.

Block over 50 DMG from one hit

Block an attack from an enemy that does at least 50 DMG. The blocking achievements are a bit glitchy, but this one usually pops pretty easily.

Note: Some people have reported that they need to survive a hit that does at least 50 instead of successfully blocking it.

Do over 1,000 dmg in one hit.

Even if you somehow manage to make it to endgame without finding decent gear or upgrading your strength, a single backstab at higher levels should satisfy this requirement.

Somewhere In-Between

This section covers those achievements that will more than likely be unlocked through natural progression but that may be missed.

The Ore Hoarder
Max out T3+ stockpile with raw ores.

While technically possible to miss, it’s an easy requirement to satisfy. Ores are essential and with enough workers it’s insanely easy to max out your stockpiles. If you want to speed this up, simply prioritize caves after having upgraded your stockpile to 3 or higher.

Back Stab 100 Enemies

Before you recruit followers for your party, try to sneak up on enemies whenever possible. This will allow you to get a decent start on this achievement while working towards some of the “Perform X damage” achievements. Barring that, you can also jump over enemies or use your followers to distract them and perform backstabs that way.

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Note: If you want to rush this achievement go to a Siege that you can handle relatively safely and run behind one of the spawns. All attacks performed when they first spawn should count.

Money Tree
It seems that you have found yourself a money tree! You’ve collected 10,000 gold.

This is a pretty simple achievement but still possible to miss. If you like burning your money, simply chain a few bounties and collect them all at the same time. If you’re doing low bounties you’ll likely have to cover the difference by selling a few trinkets.

Note: Remember to save and quit with the money in your inventory for the achievement to pop.

One Fell Swoop
Kill 10 enemies in one attack.

It’s about 40-60 if you’ll get this just playing regularly. Throwing axes are your friend, but if you want to rush this achievement the easiest way I know of is to group up enemies on a seige that you can do rather easily using your followers.

Stay Down!
Do over 10,000 dmg in one hit.

All in all it’s still an easy achievement to get if you’re not rushing. If you increase your STR and perform back-stabs you’ll unlock it in no time.

Note: If you’re trying to rush, the Surprise Melee Attacks skill in the Attacking tree will help immensely:

Batter Up
Deflect 100 Projectiles, so how many home runs?

Simple to get if you’re not rushing as there’s plenty of opportunities to deflect projectiles.

Note: If you’re trying to rush, there’s an Angry Librarian at the Cotton Farm in the North-East of the map. If you touch his books he’ll unleash a volley of fireballs. They’re possible to mostly defelct but the ones that slip through do hurt so make sure you have stacked your fire resistance and have decent CON.

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MY knee is fine
Take 1,000 arrows, be one with the porcupine.

Goblin archers are your friend for this one. Their damage tapers off extremely hard around mid-game so you should be able to just soak up their arrows without taking damage. Orc archer damage tapers off a bit later, as long as you stop blocking after damage tapers off you’ll easily get this.

If you want to rush it, bounties seem to be the best way. There’s one or two archer bounties that I’ve run into that fire a huge volley of arrows. Getting those kinds of bounties are RNG so check the board often.

Kill 100 Cave Creatures, who you gonna call?

If you rush you can miss it as the quests that force you into caves are limited. If you beat the game and don’t have it, go spelunking and kill everything you see.

Bunny Genocide
Kill 1,000 Rabbits, no remorse for vermin.

The biggest grind out of all achievements. Make sure to kill most bunnies that you see, but even so, you might have to actively grind a bit – especially when rushing. The most effective way I’ve found to grind this achievement is to take a party of mages to maps with lots of rabbits and let them aggro enemies. The fireballs will demolish anything in it’s way, including rabbits, and the kills will count for you.

A little bit of effort

This section covers those achievements that require some effort or that are very particular on how you unlock them.

What Were You Saying?
Do over 100,000 dmg in one hit.

This one is considered the least painful in this section but gets an honorable mention as it’s highly dependent on your gear and how you picked your skills.

If you’re rushing I would recommend that you grab the Surprise Attacks passive as that 12x damage boost will help immensely. If you’re in need of weapons, I would suggest going for guaranteed drops in simple puzzles like the Five Tower Beacons.

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Sprawling Settlement
Your settlement is coming along nicely.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to fully upgrade your town – you merely have to build all eight buildings. The only difficult part of this is the resource grind, so try to keep your workers gainfully employed. In order to rush this achievement, complete the Blacksmith’s questline as fast as possible. If you’re in need of workers I’ve found that keeps usually have a decent amount of imprisoned workers.

Federal Reserve
You’ve collected 100,000 gold, it’s time to go swimming!

You actually have to have 100,000 gold on your person. The fastest way to achieve this is by farming bounties and selling accessories. Make sure that you save and quit with 100,000 gold in your inventory or the achievement might not pop.

That Tickles
Block over 200 DMG from one hit.

This was the most frustrating achievement for me. The thing that makes it frustrating is how your modifiers and skills affect the achievement. You can successfully block 1000+ damage and the achievement may still fail to trigger.

In order to reliably pop this achievement, I recommend the following:

1) Strip naked
Remove everything except for your weapon.

2) Equip an unenchanted Buckler.
Make sure that it doesn’t have any % modifiers if possible

3) Under shielding make sure that the default shield skill is active.
While I’ve seen people claim that they were able to pop the achievement with 100% block active.

I tried for a few hours to no avail when I finally set it to the base skill I unlocked the achievement the next time I blocked.

If you don’t get the achievement verify that the enemy is actually hitting you for 200+ and that you do not have anything that boosts any of your resistance %. From what I can tell the achievement mainly works off of physical but I could be wrong.

Written by Tenetix

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