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Regions Of Ruin Cheats and Console Commands

Ever wonder what would happen if Kingdom met a broad, skill based open world RPG? Welcome to Regions of Ruin.

Regions of Ruin is a 2D side-scrolling RPG with town-building where you are introduced to an open world that progressively challenges your hero and settlement the further you delve into the vast continent.

You will discover a foreboding land ravaged by hundreds of years of hardship. Where, kingdoms have risen and fallen, settlements have been laid to waste and overrun by warring groups, and great mysteries lay hidden and waiting to be unearthed – assuming you can defeat their jealous guardians.

Enable Developer Tools

This guide contain information about how to enable and use cheats in Region of Ruin.

To enable developer tools press “Right Shift” “d” “e” “v” at the same time while in game (when you have control over your character). There are no feedback so you have to try some cheat to see if it work or not. Press the key combination again won’t turn developer tools off.


Multiple keys must be press down at the same time.

  • = – Speed up the game.
  •  – Slow the game down.
  • Z – Show bug info.
  • [Shift] + G – Give 10000 Coins. Advance one level. Fully heal character. Add 10 worker.
  • [Shift] + K – Kill all enemies.
  • [Shift] + N – Spawn a chest.
  • [Shift] + Z – Do something with the coinflip.
  • [Shift] + R – Set storage capacity to 10000.
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