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RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore is a “rogue-lite” anime-style adventure set in a colorful fantasy world where players hack-and-slash their way through an army of mechanical monsters using a huge variety of unique melee weapons and devastating magic attacks!

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How to Unlock All Costumes

There are a total of 23 (known) Costumes in RemiLore, some for Remi, and some for Choux. You’ll start with two options for Remi, and you’ll unlock more from there.

Below is a complete list of every costume in the game, and how to unlock it.

Costume NameCharacterHow to Unlock
Starter Outfit – Red/GoldRemiYou start with this Costume.
Starter Outfit – Blue/BlackRemiYou start with this Costume.
Starter Outfit – WhiteChouxComplete Story Mode.
Starter Outfit – PurpleChouxComplete Story Mode.
Valentine’s Dress – RedRemiComplete Story Mode.
Valentine’s Dress – BlueRemiComplete Story Mode.
Valentine’s Dress – RedChouxComplete Story Mode.
Valentine’s Dress – BlueChouxComplete Story Mode.
Duck Costume – BrownRemiComplete Boss Rush.
Duck Costume – YellowRemiComplete Boss Rush.
Duck Costume – BrownChouxComplete Boss Rush within the time limit.
Duck Costume – YellowChouxComplete Boss Rush within the time limit.
Bunny Costume – PurpleRemiComplete Wildcard Spell.
Bunny Costume – PinkRemiComplete Wildcard Spell.
Bunny Costume – PurpleChouxComplete Wildcard Weapon.
Bunny Costume – PinkChouxComplete Wildcard Weapon.
Police UniformRemiDestroy a Training Dummy.
Police UniformChouxComplete Choux’s Story Mode.
Military UniformRemiComplete a Custom Loadout playthrough.
Military UniformChouxComplete Hard Mode.
Gym UniformRemiComplete Power House.
Gym UniformChouxComplete Sugar Rush.
Cheerleader UniformRemiComplete Nightmare Mode.

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