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Remnant 2 Annihilation Boss Fight Guide (Blackened Citadel)

Though the Blackened Citadel is the final zone in Remnant 2, it only contains a World Stone and nothing else. Most of this zone is the boss arena of Annihilation, blocked behind the massive red barrier.

When you’re finished preparing for the final fight, head toward the barrier, and a cutscene will trigger involving Clementine and The Keeper.

Remnant 2 Annihilation Boss Fight Guide

Weak Spot: Head (1st Phase) & Humanoid Body (2nd Phase)

Annihilation is the final boss of Remnant 2 and the Root corruption’s source. As the physical embodiment of the Root, Annihilation is the toughest boss fight you’ll encounter in the game.

This boss fight has three distinct phases, each starting after you deplete his health bar entirely.

Annihilation will spawn from the hole in the center; however, he will fly in from the back of the arena after the first time. The following moves he will do after spawning will always have the same pattern every time, so try to remember the timing for its attacks, and you should be fine for the first half of its health.

Remnant 2 Annihilation Boss Fight Guide (Blackened Citadel)
  • He flies in from the back, lunges forward, and slams his sword into the ground. Dodge this to the side, but don’t get greedy with your offense, as his next attack will start immediately after.
  • His next attack involves flying behind you, conjuring a massive energy ball with his right hand, and slamming it into the ground. This move will create a shockwave from the center of the ball, so dodging into the source is the way to go.
  • The next thing he’ll do is a downward sword impalement that he’ll do twice or thrice, one after the other. This attack also creates shockwaves but with a larger AOE. You’ll want to dodge forward but beware; this attack can root you into place if hit by the shockwave, making it extremely difficult to avoid the next move.
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His first phase consists of two more moves that he mainly uses independently:

Remnant 2 Annihilation Boss Fight Guide (Blackened Citadel)

He’ll summon six homing root orbs after falling to around 75% health. These orbs come in a pair of three, so you only need to attack one orb from each pair to destroy them all.

Annihilation will also utilize his sword for a thrust attack from in front of you. This attack, though telegraphed well, will have a small delay that you need to get used to. Pay attention to the slight twitch of his hand and dodge to either side.

Once you get rid of his health bar, there will be a short cutscene before the second phase starts.

Remnant 2 Annihilation Boss Fight Guide (Blackened Citadel)

Annihilation’s second phase will start in a completely different arena. This futuristic-looking arena is much smaller, and you’ll have to deal with several root tendrils that can make maneuvering the tight spaces difficult.

The main issue with this phase is dealing with his attacks that cover the entirety of the arena, especially his horizontal sword sweeps that can come from either direction.

Remnant 2 Annihilation Boss Fight Guide (Blackened Citadel)

Avoid standing in the center of the arena; his downward sword slam is much faster during this phase.

Another thing you have to be wary about is that, randomly throughout the fight, Annihilation will switch from its current look to the dragon-like creature you fought in its first phase. Not only that, but he will also change the arena back and forth in the same manner.

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Utilizing your strongest offensive skills during the first phase switch is recommended, as it’s preferable to focus defensively during its second phase switch due to its instant-kill combos.

When you deplete around 50% of his health, Annihilation will summon rows of root orbs like its first phase attack. However, they will be above you this time, so look up to avoid missing any.

The last thing you should know about his second phase moves is its blight pools that will appear from underneath your feet when he slams the ground.

Remnant 2 Annihilation Boss Fight Guide (Blackened Citadel)

The blight pools can materialize in both arenas, but seeing it on the grid-like red floor is much more difficult.

After killing Annihilation for the second time, there will be another cutscene with Clementine and The Keeper before the third phase starts.

Annihilation’s third phase does not have a health bar, but he will summon a horde of his minions to attack you. The only objective for you to do is to stay alive as long as possible until the fight is finally over.

Remnant 2 Annihilation Boss Fight Guide (Blackened Citadel)

Unique Reward: Broken Compass = Explorer (Archetype) + Forgotten Memory = Alpha/Omega (Long Gun)

Congratulations on beating Annihilation and completing Remnant 2! Once the credit has finished, you’ll spawn back in Ward 13 with the same objective you had right before you traveled to Root Earth.

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This means you get to battle Annihilation repeatedly if you choose not to reroll your campaign.

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