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Remnant 2 One True King Walkthrough & Faelin & Faerin Boss Guide

Remnant 2 One True King Walkthrough

This storyline will start you right in Fae’s world, specifically in the courtyard of Beatific Palace. The main objective of this storyline is simple: find the two missing mural pieces to open the ornate door to the throne room.

The first piece, the Faelin Mural Piece, is inside the palace near where you spawn in Losomn. The palace is guarded by tons of Fae enemies; they usually await to ambush you from the ceiling or by camouflaging themselves near pillars and ledges.

Remnant 2 One True King Walkthrough

Some Fae mobs can inflict the Curse status effect; you can cure yourself using a Purified Salve or the holy basin marked on your map. The basin will also increase your health regeneration if you run low on Relic charges.

You can find Nimue in a cavern below the palace. The entrance to her retreat is through one of the elevator shortcuts-there will be an opening between the top and bottom floors you can jump to.

You must defeat the final boss to purchase her inaccessible wares.

Once you’ve acquired the first mural piece, go to the palace’s basement and find the Jester. After a short juggling performance, he’ll hand you the Magic Quill – this quest item allows traversal through the unfinished painted door scattered throughout the palace.

Remnant 2 One True King Walkthrough

Explore the side dungeons as you please. When ready, head back to the central library room and use the Magic Quill on the main dungeon door. This door will lead you to Ironborough, the second overworld you must traverse.

Remnant 2 One True King Walkthrough

Ironborough contains many different side dungeons and events, but they will always be randomized with each playthrough.

The main dungeon entrance in Ironborough will always be located after the second overworld World Stone. Completing that dungeon will allow you to enter the Malefic Palace, where you’ll find the Faerin Mural Piece, the second mask you need to open the main gate.

Remnant 2 One True King Walkthrough

You can find the Faerin Mural Piece inside the Malefic Palace only once you’ve solved the Jester’s card puzzle.

Remnant 2 One True King Walkthrough

The Jester will put out five cards and shuffle them before you; you only need to pay attention to the position of the two-faced mask.

The cards will transform into golden doors – if you pick the right one, it will lead you to the Faerin Mural Piece. You can see if you got the correct door by looking at the statue at the end of the room you jump into – if there’s a glowing red light on its head, you’re in the right place. If not, simply return to the Jester using the door behind you.

With the Faelin and Faerin Mural Pieces, return to the Palace Courtyard World Stone and insert them by the gate to enter the throne room.

Remnant 2 One True King Walkthrough

Using the middle lever will switch your location from Beatific Palace to Malefic Palace.

To complete this storyline of Losomn, you need to defeat either one of Faelin or Faerin. However, each boss is a separate fight, and the one you spare will also reward you differently.

Faelin & Faerin Boss Guide

Weak Spot: Head

Faelin is the holy magic counterpart of Faerin. Both will employ various different melee and range attacks. During the first half of his health, they will mainly utilize two moves.

The first is a dash three-hit melee combo. You can dodge the first two hits to the side, but the last attack is a delay uppercut you need to back away from.

The second is an orb range attack. This move is easy to deal with using an automatic weapon since each orb has its own health bar.

Note: There really is no difference when it comes to strategies and moveset for these two bosses, except for the aesthetic of the two arenas, the boss, and their abilities.

Once you’ve dropped them to 50% health, they will use the giant swords from the statues to the side of the arena.

Remnant 2 Faelin & Faerin Boss Guide

The first slam attack will cover the entire arena; you want to watch their movement while in the air since it indicates when they’re going to throw the swords down.

Faelin/Faerin will also be immune to all damage anytime they use the giant swords.

Remnant 2 Faelin & Faerin Boss Guide

At 25% health, they will add two more moves to his arsenal; one sword impalement attack and one AOE spell. The spell is a cloud of energy that spawns from his multitude of orbs. They will usually be invisible and moving all around the arena after casting the spell. Once they reveal themselves again, Faelin/Faerin will follow up with a sword attack plus the earlier melee combo.

Faelin Unique Reward: Imposter’s Heart + Faerin’s Sigil (From Faerin)
Faerin Unique Reward: Melded Hilt + Faelin’s Sigil (From Faelin)

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