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Remnant 2 Tal’Ratha and Shining Essence Echo Walkthrough & Boss Guide

Remnant 2 Tal’Ratha and Shining Essence Echo Walkthrough

Your spawn point in N’Erud for this storyline will be the Forgotten Prison. A voice behind a glass chamber will ask you to retrieve the Soul Sparks to help the Drzyr—the once advanced race now reduced to a zombie-like existence.

Exiting the Forgotten Prison will land you in the Abyssal Rift, the first overworld you must traverse. Here you can find The Custodian inside Ascension Spire—speak to him to learn about Tal’Ratha, an Astropath who warned the Drzyr not to enter Alepsis-Taura.

The Custodian will ask you to kill Tal’Ratha and obtain the Shining Essence Echo, an item he requires to send N’Erud back to Alepsis-Taura for a second time.

The Custodian will also give you several Poisoned Ambit Ember Capsules to aid your fight against Tal’Ratha.

When you complete the main dungeon that lands you in The Eon Vault, you’ll need to explore this second overworld to find the Soul Spark Cylinder. The Soul Spark Cylinder is in the overworld, so you don’t have to explore side dungeons to find it.

Remnant 2 Tal'Ratha and Shining Essence Echo Walkthrough

Once you’ve obtained the Soul Spark Cylinder, head to the other side of the Forgotten Prison, where you can enter Tal’Ratha’s Refuge.

Tal’Ratha Choice

The voice you spoke to before will reveal itself to be Tal’Ratha, and he will tell you all about the fate of the Drzyr and that The Custodian is once again wrong in trying to send N’Erud back to the supermassive black hole.

Remnant 2 Tal'Ratha and Shining Essence Echo Walkthrough

He will then present you with a choice:

  • Let him eat you and be saved for all eternity.
  • Refuse, and he’ll fight you.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll fight Tal’Ratha. However, if you opt to get eaten by him, you will fight Tal’Ratha’s metaphysical form.

Defeating Tal’Ratha will net you the Shining Essence Echo. With it, you can acquire either one of these two items:

  • Siphon Heart (Relic): Give the Echo to The Custodian.
  • Void Idol (Amulet): Keep the Echo for yourself, and then use it at the Drzyr Replicator.

Tal’Ratha Boss Guide

Weak Spot: Gaping Mouth

The standard Tal’Ratha boss will be inside the chamber where you speak with him. Though massive compared to other Drzyrs, his size does not slow him down.

He can close the distance between you extremely fast, mainly when he uses his charge attack—dodge to either side, and you should be fine. Tal’Ratha will also use his gaping mouth to pull you closer to him, which he usually follows up with either his ground punch or body slams. The latter will create a shockwave upon impact.

Remnant 2 Tal'Ratha Boss Guide

Tal’Ratha has various range attacks, including a gas canister that sometimes spawns a Drzyr Zombie. He also has two different varieties of black fluid attacks:

  • The first is where he hurls two consecutive blobs from midrange.
  • The second variety has him vomit several projectiles from his mouth.

The last of his range attack is a glowing homing orb you can shoot. They will take one bullet to destroy, so it shouldn’t pose much of a threat compared to his other moves.

Unique Reward: Spice Bile = Nebula (Hand Gun)

Tal’Ratha (Metaphysical)

Weak Spot: Head

The metaphysical version of Tal’Ratha can utilize different teleportation abilities that allow him to traverse the much larger arena. Though some of his attacks are the same, the addition of teleportation to his arsenal makes his moves harder to predict.

For example, his charge attack will now consist of three consecutive charge attacks where after each attempt, he will teleport to attack you from a different angle.

Due to the larger arena, this version of Tal’Ratha has several star-based attacks with massive AOEs. His most devastating attack is his star shower, where he shoots them throughout the entire arena and then slams down a rain of stars.

You’ll need to continuously dodge the first three waves of stars and prepare for the delay before he slams down the final attack.

Unique Reward: Acidic Jawbone = Gas Giant (Melee Weapon)

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