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Remnant 2 The Asylum Walkthrough & The Nightweaver Boss Guide

Remnant 2 The Asylum Walkthrough Guide

When you first arrive in Losomn, you’ll spawn in a cellar of an abandoned house in Morrow Parish. Explore the overworld as you please; however, you can access only one side dungeon before continuing on the main quest.

Note: When venturing around Morrow Parish, try walking close to the larger sewer grate, and you’ll get kidnap by a Manticora, triggering an optional event.

This event can only occur in the Dran version of Losomn.

After completing the first main dungeon, the other half of Morrow Parish will be unlocked, and here you’ll find the entrance to the Morrow Sanatorium – an asylum where the patients have been left to wander without supervision.

Remnant 2 The Asylum Walkthrough

Here you’ll learn about The Nightweaver, an entity that feeds on the fear of the Dran through their dreams. You’ll find Dr. Marrow locked in a cellar in the basement by her staff. She’ll inform you that The Nightweaver has also visited her dreams, and she’s determined to remember the appearance of her tormentor by carving stone statues of the entity.

Remnant 2 The Asylum Walkthrough

You can help her by finding her Stone-Carved Dolls that are scattered throughout the asylum:

  • The first is in a room with a hostile nurse and a patient on the floor. The room is on the opposite side of her office.
  • The second sculpture is outside by the courtyard, in the corner opposite side of the shed. This shed contains Ripsaw, an overworld miniboss guarding the key to the Asylum’s third floor.
  • The last sculpture is on the third floor. You also find the Prison Cell Key on the third floor’s balcony-access it by climbing over one of the windows in the first room.
Remnant 2 The Asylum Walkthrough

After giving Dr. Marrow all three sculptures, she will sing a song that hints at the code for safe in her office.

“Two shiny copper teeth removed from // nine discarded combs, and // seven yellowed leaves excised from // one forgotten tome.”

  • Return to Dr. Marrow’s office on the ground floor and enter 2971 to unlock it.
  • Use the Prison Cell Key to free Dr. Marrow. However, the room is empty when you open the door, with only the Nightweaver Stone Doll to pick up.

Once you’ve looted the Double Barrel from the safe, head back to the third floor and enter the gate golden door to Nimue’s Retreat.

Remnant 2 The Asylum Walkthrough

Nimue’s Retreat is short, only serving as the bridge to the second overworld—Forsaken Quarter.

The Forsaken Quarter is much larger, containing a few side dungeons you can explore.

Depending on your playthrough, you may find the Oracle of the Dran here or back in Morrow Parish.

Remnant 2 The Asylum Walkthrough

Again, proceed through the overworld as you please and complete the main dungeon there. At the end of that main dungeon, you’ll see The Nightweaver for the first time-shoot her and pick up the Soulkey Tribute from the body she was feasting on.

Remnant 2 The Asylum Walkthrough

Return to the Asylum and use the Soulkey Tribute to access the strange web in the Asylum’s basement. This will teleport you to The Tormented Asylum.

Before fighting The Nightweaver, use the Nightweaver Stone Doll on the Nightweaver’s Web in one of the basement rooms to obtain the Dreamcatcher melee weapon.

The Nightweaver Boss Guide

Weak Spot: Glowing Heart / Middle Chest

Perhaps the most challenging thing about The Nightweaver boss fight is how to maneuver the tiny arena during her first phase.

At the start of the fight, you’ll want to dodge her incoming attacks and run to the middle of the courtyard. This strategy ensures you don’t get stuck in the small corner right after the fog door.

Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss Guide

The Nightweaver has various melee and ranged attacks in her arsenal and will regularly summon minions during her first phase. The minions she summons are relatively weak and can drop ammo when killed.

Her most devastating move during her first phase is the lunge melee combo she follows up with an AOE dive bomb.

  • This move is extremely fast, and The Nightweaver can also go through the fences in the courtyard.
  • You can dodge the initial lunge to the side, but the dive attack will require you to run away due to the large AOE.
Remnant 2 The Nightweaver Boss Guide

Once you’ve depleted her first health bar, approach her body and get ready for the second phase inside the Asylum.

Don’t be deceived by her erratic movement throughout the Asylum. The best strategy against her second phase is to stay put in the lobby where you spawn and keep yourself away from the walls as best as possible.

Her second phase attacks are as follows:

  • 2-hit combo, but this time will cover more range. Dodging these will set you up perfectly to deal the most damage or to heal if necessary.
  • She can teleport into the walls and floor; there is a window of opportunity here to hit her once or twice.
  • She will summon her spiders while hanging from the ceiling—try to hit her before the spiders get too close to deal maximum damage.
  • The Nightweaver can pull you out of nowhere when you’re too close to a wall and deal devastating damage. At around 50% health, she will start using her grab attack. Depending on your hp, getting grabbed can kill you instantly.

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