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Remnant 2 Travel to Alepsis-Taura Walkthrough & Sha’Hala Boss Guide

Remnant 2 Travel to Alepsis-Taura Walkthrough

This storyline will always begin in Seeker’s Rest, where a floating robotic eye will ask you to seek its tower within the wastes beyond.

The tower he spoke of is beyond the Threshold of the Unknown, a soaring structure with a glowing white orb that shines with a white light beaming towards the sky. You can find this tower within the Phantom Wasteland.

Remnant 2 Travel to Alepsis-Taura Walkthrough

You will also find the first of five Seeker’s Keys in Seeker’s Rest. Luckily, you will only need two additional keys to unlock the gate to the tower.

The locations of the other two are at the end of two main dungeons you need to clear; these dungeons are randomized per playthrough, but one is always the connecting dungeon between the overworlds, and the other is a main dungeon on the second overworld – Timeless Horizon.

These dungeons will always be marked by a “!” and will always have a square arch on the map.

As with the other storyline, the Custodian will also be inside the Ascension Spire within the first overworld.

Once you have collected the rest of the Seeker’s Keys, return to the Threshold of the Unknown and enter Sentinel’s Keep. Take the elevator at the center of the keep as The Custodian speaks of the history of the Drzyr.

Remnant 2 Travel to Alepsis-Taura Walkthrough

At the very top of the Sentinel’s Keep, interact with the console and prepare for the boss fight against Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud.

Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud Boss Guide

Weak Spot: Central Orb

Sha’Hala is one of the largest bosses you can encounter in Remnant 2; however, its actual weak spot is the giant orb it uses to launch most of its attacks.

The boss fight is mainly divided into two distinct strategies.

The first is when Sha’hala is in front of you and sends out his attacks directly from its orb. In this mode, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shoot its weak spot when its hands do not cover it. There are three attacks you need to watch out for in this mode:

Hand Beams: Several smaller hands will appear above and shoot purple beams at you. There is a one-second casting delay, so time your dodges appropriately to conserve stamina.

Homing Orbs: A dozen green orbs will spawn above you and, after a short while, will move toward you and shoot a laser beam. These orbs can be destroyed, so switching to an automatic weapon is recommended to remove them quickly.

Diagonal Lightning: Sha’Hala will shoot lightning from its orb in random patterns throughout the platform. This attack deals tons of damage, but you can easily dodge this by moving into a safe space.

The second strategy you need to know is when Sha’Hala is hidden, and the boss room turns significantly darker. During this mode, you’ll want to focus on dodging and avoiding damage. Your only opening to attack the boss is during its Black Hole attack.

Sha'Hala: Spectral Guardian of N'Erud Boss Guide

he Black Hole attack will be the closing move during this phase. You’ll hear a winding-up sound before Sha’Hala places its orb directly where you are – dodge or run to get a good enough distance where you can unleash your bullets onto its orb before the boss returns to its first phase.

Right after this attack is also the perfect window to heal, use consumables, or reload your weapons.

Once you’ve defeated Sha’Hala, you can return to The Custodian to receive additional rewards. You can also return to N’Erud to visit Alepsis-Taura and claim the Void Heart (Relic).

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