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Remnant From the Ashes End-game Melee Build

End-game Melee Build

This melee build is absolutely viable for endgame content as it’s able to one-shot bosses along with applying a bleed which will finish them off if the initial hit doesn’t.

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The Akari Armor set is BiS for this endgame melee build because it gives a huge boost to melee damage and critical strike chance which will allow you to one-shot enemies much easier.


The secondary weapon doesn’t matter much, it just has to have the Hunter’s Mark mod which increases critical strike chance versus marked enemies (increases crits for allies too).

Beam Rifle is the primary weapon of choice. This one is useful for applying a burn to the boss via Hot Shot mod.

Which melee weapon you choose for this build is very important. World Breaker and Riven are both incredible choices. World Breaker gives you AoE and Knockback while Riven offers great sustain via lifesteal.


Razor Stone and Devouring Loop are crucial parts of this loadout because they boost overall DPS by a huge amount which you’ll definitely need for end-game content.


When you’re in melee range and have to dodge enemies, Stamina matters a lot. Pocket Watch is an easy to get amulet which can last you through the whole playthrough with this build. It’s incredible for Stamina sustain and certainly one of the most powerful amulets in the game.

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