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Remnant From the Ashes Labyrinth Keeper Walkthrough

Remnant From the Ashes Labyrinth Keeper

Note: The game features procedurally generated levels, which means that you probably won’t find all the items that we’ve located in the same place. Instead, this item could be somewhere else, or you’ll pick another thing. This mostly concerns intermediate dungeons. Besides, you could meet other bosses in these dungeons. However, the other part of the game, including main bosses, is not procedurally generated.

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Labyrinth Keeper Walkthrough

Return to the Westcourt crystal, at the intersection, go left and then right. On the left hand, there will be a turn leading to the Sewer. On the way there you will encounter new enemies. Aim at shooters’ heads to inflict maximum damage. These enemies shoot 3 times and then reload their guns. Shamans summon small goblins, so try to kill them first.

Before turning left, to a descent point, inspect a building on the right. In the back room of the first floor, there is a new item – a mask. If you don’t turn left, but go further along the road, you will see a gate with the inscription CHECKPOINT. Follow it and find a large crystal The Settlement.

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There are locked gates here. Go out on the other side, kill enemies, climb a tower and jump over the fence. Follow the left until you reach a transition point. If you open the map, it is located at the bottom right. Go there, activate a small crystal The Choking Hollow. This is the right place. A boss is ahead.

How to Beat The Ent

Alternative Kill Method
Destroy Ent’s legs before it dies. Any damage works. Focus legs, not feet.

Spore Gland

This boss enemy will be encountered in one of the more open areas in the game in The Choking Hollow. The boss fight has multiple phases whereby The Ent will change its moves and attack patterns. The Ent has a huge health pool so it’ll take quite a lot of hits to whittle his health down to zero. This enemy will inflict the Infected status effect, so stock up on those Oilskin Tonics.

The fight starts with a stomp attack from The Ent which sends out shockwaves. You can deal with them by rolling through the first wave of this attack. You get a brief window where you can shoot down at The Ent. Deal with the smaller enemies by shooting the pink guys so they don’t explode near you. Make sure to collect ammunition from them as this will be a long fight.

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The next phases see The Ent send out an explosive foe who comes charging at you. Dodge out of the way at the earliest to avoid getting hit by the explosion. Now, wait for his ground slam attack where he uses both his hands. Time your dodge and then immediately focus fire on the red cluster on its back for bonus damage.

You now enter the final phase, where The Ent wreaks havoc via mortars and explosive enemies. Thankfully, you can circle around The Ent and use the impact of the mortars to get rid of the smaller foes. After dodging his mortar attacks, concentrate fire again on the boss enemy to bring it down.

By defeating him, you will unlock a new talent Quick Hands (increases the reload speed) and get a spore gland to create powerful weapons. Go to the exit point.

Once in another part of the city, activate a small crystal ahead (The Keeper’s Tower). Go forward and a tower will appear. Enter it and talk to the Keeper. He will send you to a labyrinth. You will also receive a new trait Keeper’s Blessing which increases resistance to elements.

Go ahead and activate a large crystal Labyrinth.

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