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Remnant From the Ashes Stormcaller: How to Beat

Bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes covers a compendium of these various special type of Enemies that a player will encounter in the game. Unlike normal Enemies, bosses have a higher amount of health and are distinctively unique with their own set of moves. Defeating a dungeon boss will surely reward players with various items that can be useful when it comes to character progression. Not only do they provide special loot upon defeat, but they also serve as a key to unlocking more areas and quests for story progression.

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Remnant From the Ashes Stormcaller

There are two types of bosses that you can encounter as you travel to different realms, the following are:

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Dungeon Boss – this type of boss is considered as a mini-boss which are superior, stronger versions of an elite enemy. Dungeon bosses have a high amount of health, a set of attacks, and have special passive or active abilities. To identify if you are about to enter an arena for a dungeon boss, you’ll find the entrance of the arena will be engulfed in fog and a checkpoint. Upon entering the arena, the battle will begin.

World Boss – World bosses are considered as the main bosses of the game, currently, there is no confirmation on how these bosses are encountered but it is safe to assume that these bosses may appear during an event or at the end of it, upon nearing the completion of a realm.

Dynamic Generation
Dynamic Generation will be applied to bosses. Whenever a player enters a realm, the game dynamically generates a unique layout for pretty much everything, from area layouts, loots will be randomly scattered, NPC locations, enemies, and of course the bosses. As mentioned, each boss has its own unique passive or active ability, and in conjunction with the dynamic generation mechanic, every time a player enters a realm and by chance encounters a boss they’ve already encountered, its abilities and stats also change, making each encounter a challenge.

How to Beat Stormcaller

The boss is encountered in Martyr’s Garden on Yaesha. It will send out electric projectiles at you while remaining in one spot. Meanwhile, smaller enemies will continue to throw fire projectiles and molotovs to inflict burn damage.

Stormcaller will then leave its throne and teleport to move closer to your location. There’s an aerial projectile and one that travels on the ground. Both will take a chunk of your life so be careful to dodge sideways at the correct time. These are telegraphic, especially the ground one, so it won’t be difficult to react to it.

This is a rather easy boss fight. If you can roll away from the projectiles, you’ll be successful. Use ranged firearms like SMGs or assault rifles to deal damage and whittle Stormcaller’s health down. Take care of the smaller enemies first though.

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