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Remnant From the Ashes Swamp Beast Walkthrough

Remnant From the Ashes Swamp Beast

Note: The game features procedurally generated levels, which means that you probably won’t find all the items that we’ve located in the same place. Instead, this item could be somewhere else, or you’ll pick another thing. This mostly concerns intermediate dungeons. Besides, you could meet other bosses in these dungeons. However, the other part of the game, including main bosses, is not procedurally generated.

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Swamp Beast Walkthrough

So, you need to kill the Swamp Beast. Activate a large The Fetid Glade crystal. Kill monsters in a swamp and get to a transition point to The Shack. Defeat the boss. You will need to constantly evade powerful hammer attacks. At the end of the battle, the Unclean will rotate for a long time, brandishing an axe, and you will have to keep your distance. Also, do not forget to kill common enemies. The Unclean can also kill them with the hammer. After the victory, you will receive the Unclean Heart, which is used for crafting weapons, and a trait – Glutton.

Remnant From the Ashes Swamp Beast Walkthrough

Go to the exit and activate a large The Mist Fen crystal. Proceed further, killing enemies, until you find a large crystal The Elf Queen. Activate it and talk with Iskal – a weird-looking creature resembling a butterfly. She will ask you to bring her the beast’s heart – the one that interests the Undying King. Agree or refuse. You can also trade with Iskal. Among other things, she has a potion that removes corrosion. It will come in handy for you!

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Go further and go into a dungeon, where you can activate a small crystal. New enemies will appear here. Some will shoot you with a shotgun, others will scream loudly, temporarily stunning the character. Follow the depths of the cave and go into the next room, where you can activate a small crystal. Go forward and fight a boss.

How to Beat Canker

Canker is encountered in Mire Hollow on the optional planet of Corsus. The enemy inflicts Corrosion status effect, so best stock up on Greenleaf which can be acquired from the vendor at Ward 13. It will help you get rid of the effects of debuffs on armour effectiveness, as well as resist Corrosion attacks better.

This is kind of a rush-down boss who will charge at you while releasing mini-balls of poison. The most difficult move to counter is the wave attack which can only be avoided if you’re to the side of the arena. So make sure to leave the red water body as soon as the wave attack is initiated.

Helping Canker are the mini-versions of itself which are just a nuisance, more than anything else. Use a few bullets to get rid of them. At half it’s life, Canker will become more aggressive as it closes distance quickly and performs a variety of close-ranged slam attacks. It’s best to use shotguns at this stage while keeping the optimum distance from Canker to eliminate it.

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Go further, killing enemies, and enter the next dungeon, where you will activate a large crystal The Grotto. A battle with the Guard awaits you ahead.

How to Beat Ixillis

Alternative Kill Method
Defeat both bosses at the same time, before one enrages solo.

The encounter takes place in a swampy region, on a bridge in Crosus. Ixillis XV can fly a bit and perform attacks with his spear. The perfect time to dodge is when you see this spear light up green. There’s also another move where Ixillis XV mediates and summons white orbs which will home in on you. Shoot them before they reach you.

Now deal with the minions as you would by quickly firing at them before they’re up close and may explode. Once you’re midway through the battle with the boss, a second phase arrives and with it a second identical boss. So at the same time, you’ll be facing two boss enemies near the swampy bridge. At this point, prepare for a lethal screaming attack unleashed by the two bosses in conjunction. This whittles a lot of your health, so shoot multiple times at the heads of the two bosses to interrupt the attack.

Though the most reliable method is to shoot at the head region and the locks on the boss enemies, you can cleverly lure them off the bridge for an easier time. If you have high-impact weapons like a shotgun, you can use it at close range to push back Ixillis XV and his pal off the bridge.

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Decide who you want to give the Guardian’s Heart to. We chose Iskal, The Elf Queen. If you give her a heart, she will give you a reward – a set of killer’s armor, 900 pieces of scrap and a crossbow. Go to the Undying Throne to meet the Undying King.

How to Beat The Undying King

Alternative Kill Method
Refuse to give the king the heart or give it to the queen.

One of the more tougher bosses, The Undying King is encountered in The Undying Court on Rhom. Unlike the other bosses, you have a choice either to serve his needs or fight him. Before you can focus your fire on The Undying King, take care of his summoned minions and turrets. The latter will especially deal chunks of damage from far away as they continue to fire at you.

As for the King himself, he summons the might of the lethal scythes. Once he wields the weapon, he will charge at you or jump to close the distance for a powerful melee attack. In such a case, it’s best to roll over towards The Undying King and move behind his back to unleash your attacks and deal damage.

He’ll regenerate health a couple of times when he sits on his throne and resorts to summoning the minions again. Keep focusing fire on it to eliminate The Undying King.

Return to the labyrinth. There are stone gates on the left and right sides that can be activated with the Undying King’s key. One gate will lead you back to the Swamps, and other – to new lands. You will find yourself in the jungle.

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