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Resident Evil 2 – Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Resident Evil Achievement Guide!

Almost all of the achievements are self-explanatory, we will add tips and tricks to unlock them and also videos of the locations of the collectibles. The Game has two protagonists each one with his own campaign wich then can be followed up with the other. So You have sort of Leon A, Claire B and Claire A, Leon B campaign.

You have the speedrun related achievements so I would say you have to beat the game around 2 times to get everything if you’re really good.

Story Related

The achievements mentioned below are all story related so they can’t be missed.

Welcome to the city of the Dead
Make it to the police station.

Path to the Goddess
Solve the Goddess Statue puzzle.

Never-Ending Rain
Escape the police station.

A Great Need for a Shower
Escape from the sewers.

Endings and Difficulty

Achievements that you get by beating the game or certain stages several ways.

A Hero Emerges
Complete Leon’s story.

A Heroine Emerges
Complete Claire’s story.

Hack Complete
Complete Ada’s segment.

Hide and Seek
Complete Sherry’s segment.

Broken Umbrella
Witness the true ending.

Leon “S.” Kennedy
Complete Leon’s story on “Standard” or “Hardcore” with an S rank.

Sizzling Scarlet hero
Complete Claire’s story on “Standard” or “Hardcore” with an S rank.

Grim Reaper
Complete “The 4th Survivor” extra mode.

Hardcore Rookie
Complete Leon’s story on “Hardcore” game mode.

Hardcore College Student
Complete Claire’s story on “Hardcore” game mode.

Complete the game without using a recovery item.

Clear the game without opening the item box.

A Small Carbon Footprint
Take 14000 steps or fewer in one playthrough.

Defeat Stage 2 G using the crane only once.

With Time to Spare
Defeat Stage 4 G with 4+ minutes left until detonation.

Bosses and Enemies

This section is dedicated to different ways to “play” with the zombies.

Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Gun
Defeat an enemy with a knife.

Bon Appétit
Shoot the grenade you fed to an enemy.

Zombie Roundup
Kill 3 enemies at once with a sub-weapon.

Like Skeet Shooting
Shoot a zombie dog or a licker out of the air.

Keep Their Heads Ringin’
Paralyze a licker’s sense of hearing.

In The Blink of an Eye
Defeat Super Tyrant with 5+ minutes left until detonation.


All the collectibles in the game can be found here.

Vermin Extermination
Destroy a Mr. Raccoon.

Treasure Hunter
Using the photo hints, find 2 hidden items.

Lore Explorer
Read all of the files.

Complete Vermin Extermination
Destroy all Mr. Raccoons.


Everything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

The Basics of Survival
Combine two items together.

Hip to Add Squares
Increase your inventory slots.

Customize a weapon.

Eat This!
Counterattack with a sub-weapon.

That’ll Hold ‘Em
Use Wooden Boards to board up a window.

A Vault-like Mind
Open a portable safe.

First Break-in
Open a dial safe.

A Waist of Space
Expand inventory slots to max.

One Slick Super-spy
Use only the EMF Visualizer to complete Ada’s gameplay segment.

Young Escape
Escape the bedroom within 60 seconds during Sherry’s segment.

Master of Unlocking
Open all of the safes and locks in the game.

Tips: The knife actually has durability so be careful how you use it. Even swinging it against corpses or walls results in a decrease of durability.

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