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Resident Evil 2 Claire A – Escape From the Store Walkthrough

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Claire A – Escape From the Store Walkthrough

Moving back to the door on the left, the zombie will likely get back up to attack you again. That’s right, three or so headshots may put a zombie on the ground, but it’s no guarantee they’ll stay that way – unless you take their head clean off that is. Plug him again or better yet run past him before he can get up and interact with the locked door. Use the Storage Room key to head back into the main room of the gas station.

Unfortunately, things are getting really out of hand now. The man by the coolers has now turned, and another zombie will knock over some shelving before tumbling to the floor by the front counter – which means you need to make a detour around the back of the aisle. Be careful, as either route can end with a zombie latching onto you. If you don’t want to waste ammo, try placing one shot in their head to stun them while you slip past, and do a loop back towards the front door and narrowly miss another zombie hiding behind more shelves.

As you reach the door, Leon and Claire will have an intense first meeting before managing to escape the encroaching horrors and making for Raccoon City. Welcome to Resident Evil 2 Remake. Next stop: the Raccoon City Police Station.

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