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Resident Evil 2 Claire A – Investigate the Store Walkthrough

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Claire A – Investigate the Store Walkthrough

The interior of the gas station seems deserted, and the door past the front counter is locked. Turn to the left and you’ll find a man sitting on the floor covered in blood, who will point you to a door going behind the cooler to where the commotion is coming from. As soon as you enter the corridor, the door will shut behind you, forcing you deeper towards the storage room.

Despite your best intentions, the police officer trying to stop the man inside the storage room will meet a grisly end, and it’s up to you to put this creature down. Claire is armed with the SLS 60, so remain calm and aim carefully to shoot three times at the zombie’s head – which should put him down. However, with the cooler door now closed, you’ll need to find another way out.

Step past the zombie and officer’s body to find a passage past a row of shelves to a desk, and on a wall littered with posters, you’ll find a key. Bring up your items and try inspecting the key to find it’s true purpose: the Storage Room Key.

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