Resident Evil 2 Claire A – Obtain the Parking Garage Key Card Walkthrough

Resident Evil 2

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Claire A – Obtain the Parking Garage Key Card Walkthrough

As you enter the dimly lit Parking Garage, things seem to be a little more complex than the Officer’s Notebook may have led you to believe. The ramp out of the garage is closed by a gate – and you’re going to need a key.

Before you can figure out your next move, a man will appear – and before you can figure out what’s going on, he’ll kidnap the girl and leave you stranded in the parking garage while he makes his escape. If you want to give chase, you’ll need a key card of your own.

Back on your feet, it’s time to get your bearings in this area – heading first through the unlocked door by the garage’s gate. This leads to a hall with an elevator at the end, as well as the Raccoon Monthly, June Issue File where you’ll identify the mysterious kidnapper. Next to the magazine is the Police Station Map B1 along the wall, but the Elevator Controls Room is locked by a Diamond Door. Be sure to check the elevator itself for a small note, then head back to the Parking Garage.

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