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Resident Evil 2 Claire A – Return to Sherry and Escape the Lab Walkthrough

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Claire A – Return to Sherry and Escape the Lab Walkthrough

Run back through the West Area, across the Main Shaft, and up to the North Area and into the Security Room to find Annette and Sherry. After the scene ends, you’ll get the cue that it’s time to escape before everything goes to crap.

Run as fast as you can back to the Main Shaft, and use Annette’s Upgrade Chip (Admin) to access the elevator and hit the button to go down to the bottom level platform. Once you arrive in the Monitor Room, you can find a First Aid Spray on the tray on the right if you need to heal from that boss battle. Keep running to the end of the room and grab the Combat Knife on the right as you leave.

Outside you’ll be in the Escape Shaft, and there’s one last Typewriter to save your progress for the final push, and you can dump extra equipment into the Item Box. Quickly head into the Pump Room and take the lift down.

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At the bottom, you’ll trigger a timer for 10 minutes until the detonation – and also be met by resistance in the form of Ivy Zombies. There’s a Blue Herb to the left if you need it, otherwise blow them up with grenade rounds and keep running as they flail about. There’s three to deal with – so be ready to avoid getting caught by them as you dispatch each of them, then move into the Duct. Don’t worry about Sherry, she’ll keep pace with you, or at least be quick to catch up.

As soon as you enter the Duct, look on the side to find a Green Herb. Take the ladder down, and you’ll find a square path and a walkway to the right leading to the door – and the square path has some Handgun Ammo – but the door at the end is locked. Sherry will offer to sidle along a vent to try and get to the other side – but you’ll have to fend off a few Ivy Zombies while she does this. Thankfully, it’s nothing a few well placed Acid or Flame Rounds can’t help with – or a Spark Shot if you have the ammo left.

In the next room, race past the explosions and be ready to draw down on a flaming zombie at the end of the next hallway – a few shots should put it down long enough for you to race past and go through the next long hall.

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The next room is a large Turntable with a train car in the middle – the perfect vehicle for escape. Be sure to grab the Red Herb as you enter the room on the right, and note the Item Box on the left if you need it – you may want to stash the Spark Shot. Head inside the train car to find a Joint Plug which you need to the power the Turntable up.

Head out the car and into the small room at the back, and grab that wonderful Minigun that’s conveniently lying right in the open! If you were wondering why such an awesome item would be placed here – place the Joint Plug in the console to find out.

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