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Resident Evil 2 – Get Past the Helicopter Walkthrough

Get Past the Helicopter

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You’ll be on the other side of the crashed helicopter now, and the burning wreckage prevents you from getting back to the Main Hall. Grab the Handgun Ammo on the bench next to the wreckage, and then look around. There’s a water pump near the broken ladder, but it only seems to be pulling water from the busted right valve. Look for a stairway down into the alley, and check behind the stairs for two Green Herb.

Follow the pipelines to a Valve Switch to the left of the rattling door of the Boiler Room, and get ready for two zombies to burst out and stumble towards you. Keep your distance and take them out, making sure they stay dead before you throw the switch to send water through the right valve instead of the left. Enter the Boiler Room, and you’ll find Gunpowder in the first room, and the back room holds an Item Box, Typewriter, and the Club Key taped to a board. Be sure you save here – and have healing items and ammo on you along with the Club Key.

Return to the Roof and use the valve to send water gushing onto the helicopter, making it safe to progress. Enter the hall and grab the Red Herb in the corner before turning to see the helicopter wreckage get tossed aside by a very intimidating monster in a trench-coat.

This Tyrant, or Mr. X, has one singular purpose – to hunt you down and kill you. He will never stop hunting you, and cannot be killed by any means. He’ll try and follow you wherever you run (though he’ll have trouble catching up to you when moving through rooms and floors) but despite his invulnerability, he can be stunned.

Headshots will sometimes stagger him, and dealing enough damage (around 8-10 headshots or more with a pistol) will cause him to drop to one knee. During this period of around 30 seconds, he’ll be unable to chase you – which is good for getting a head start on your next objective. However, because he cannot die, you don’t want to waste too much ammo continually putting him down.

It’s recommended that you only take him down if there’s no other way to get around him. If he hits you, he will deal incredible damage, and getting grabbed by him can often be a death sentence – so only get close after he’s thrown his long punches and then retreat out of range. As an extra precaution, mix some Red and Blue Herbs to increase your damage resistance – especially if he chases you into a room with other enemies.

For this encounter, you can backpedal to the roof and wait for him to throw a lunging punch before sprinting past him into the hall, just remember that you won’t have much time for stopping and exploring if he’s on your tail – so you can also use the roof’s wide open area to strafe around his punches and shoot him in the head during his cooldown.

Note: Despite how intimidating Mr. X is, there are a few ways to evade him. Getting far enough away from him will cause him to start searching the halls, stairs, and bigger rooms for you – be sure to listen out for his giant clomping footsteps to know if he’s close to finding you. There are also a few rooms he can’t follow you into – which include the Break Room and Dark-Room Safe Rooms, but the Main Hall is fair game. If you duck into a safe room, you can peek out the door and wait for him to leave, then dash off when the coast is clear.

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