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Resident Evil 2 Get the East Storage Room’s Power Panel Part Walkthrough

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Get the East Storage Room’s Power Panel Part Walkthrough

Stash the Diamond Key for now and instead carry the Heart Key to unlock the door to the East Hall. Like the Parking Garage, you can’t open the shutters here either, but there is a Mr. Raccoon Toy next to the stairs. Before going upstairs, head down first to find a hall with a window a zombie will try to break in through. At the end of the hall is a Heart Door locked Interrogation Room and Club Door locked Observation Room, with High-Grade Gunpowder in the locker at the end. Claire cannot get the Club Key in her story, but you can enter the other room.

Inside you can find Handgun Ammo on the table by the door, and moving past the one-way mirror with ominous writing scrawled in it – there’s a Bejeweled Box in the far corner. Be careful, because a Licker will burst through the mirror to try and ambush you. Loose a grenade round in its face and dash out of the room, and peek back through the door to finish it off with another round. Be sure to check back once the Licker is dead, as you can hop the broken mirror into the Observation Room to find a dead cop holding Gunpowder, and a Confiscation Report File.

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Be sure to return to the Chief’s Office and place the Red Jewel you found earlier into the Bejeweled Box, which will open to give you the S.T.A.R.S. Badge. Inspect it, and look on the back to transform it into a USB Dongle Key.

Up on the third floor, you can find Wooden Boards and several lockers – one contains a Flash Grenade while the other holds Handgun Ammo. Avoid the Balcony for the moment, and instead head into the East Storage Room. You can probably hear the groans of zombies in here but the rows of storage can make spotting them difficult.

One is waiting to grab you when you inspect the Heart Door along the bottom or the Shotgun Shells next to it, while the other wait to lunge out at the bottom left corner if you are running down from the locked door at the top. You can either slowly peek around to take them out, or avoid them entirely and look in the middle of the room for a Large Gear, and a Blue Herb nearby. The gear does take a lot of space so you may have to leave it.

When the room is clear, open the Heart Door to find a second storage room full of creepy mannequins. One of them has a Combat Knife embedded in the head, and you can find a Boxed Electronic Part in the corner that holds the first Power Panel Part. Before leaving the room, be sure to look for the Mr. Raccoon Toy hiding on the shelves near the door.

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Leave the storage room and head outside onto the Balcony where you can find another Blue Herb. Head down the ladder that supports your weight quite well, and go down to the lower roof.

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