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Resident Evil 2 – Get the Generator Room’s Power Panel Part Walkthrough

Get the Generator Room’s Power Panel Part

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The memo will notify you that to power the electronic jail lock, you’ll need the right Power Panel Parts. One of them is in the Generator Room on the other side of the parking garage, while the other is in the Clock Tower.

It’s time to head back through the Parking Garage – returning the way you came, and then heading through the far door towards the Generator Room. Before you go there, go straight from the door into the darkened hallway and take a left into the Firing Range. Look on the right for a table with an Equipment Disposal Notice File about a damaged key to a patrol car. Next to the file is a Tin Storage Box, and you can inspect the box and look for the latch to open it and find a Car Key.

Before heading back, check the counter to the weapons storage to find A Message From Mr. Raccoon File, which will tell you about the collectible toys stashed around. You can’t get into the weapons storage without the Diamond Key, but you can go to the target range to find one of the Mr. Raccoon Toys and some Shotgun Shells, just be sure to move softly so as not to wake the two zombies here.

Return to the Parking Garage and inspect the Car Key, and look on the other side for an unlock button you can press, which will pop the trunk of a nearby patrol car to the left of the door you came through. Inspect the trunk and you’ll find a Gun Stock for the Matilda Handgun. This will make the gun larger in your inventory, but allow you to hold down the trigger to fire 3 shots at once – a pretty nice trade.

Go back into the halls and you’ll find that the way out at the top requires power from the Generator Room, and you need a Power Panel part anyway. Take the path going down towards the entrance to the Kennels, and note the Blue Herb just outside the door. Inside the Kennels you’ll find 3 dogs caged up – but many more cages are empty, which is not a good sign.

Note: You may expect to run into more dogs soon, and you’d be right. However, the amount of dogs you’ll have to tangle with can be diminished early by killing the 3 dogs in the cages before they escape – it’s highly recommended you use the ammo now when they can’t run rather than later when there will be more moving dogs to take out.
There’s some High-Grade Gunpowder in the green bin next to the door, otherwise keep moving around the room to the other side, noting the little doggy door near the floor as you leave.

Before going up the hall, take a detour into the Morgue for a moment. There’s a zombie slumped right next to the door, so give him a tap on the head if you want, and check the Autopsy Record No. 53477 File, about a dead body that was known to steal. The body in question is lying on the second to the far left on the far side of the room – and there’s a Diamond Key next to his hand you can grab – but he’ll wake up awfully angry when you do, as will the zombie by the door if you didn’t kill him.

You can search the other sliding trays too – but be wary. One contains a zombie on the opposite side where you found the key – it’ll start banging when you open so you don’t have to keep opening it. Another body can be found in the far corner on the side you entered from, but thankfully this one won’t get up, and has a Flash Grenade. A tray in the middle of this row is full of cockroaches, but to the right is a Red Herb.

It’s worth your while to quickly jog back to the Firing Range now instead of later. Use the Diamond Key to access the weapons storage area, which is annoyingly devoid of weapons. You can however score another Red Herb, and another roll of Film: 3F Locker. Be wary of the two zombies in the Firing Range – they’ll have awoken if you didn’t kill them earlier, but they might not see you if you’re careful.

Now head back to the hall above the Morgue and use the Crank to open up the shutter to the Generator Room. Look left as you enter to score a Green Herb, then along the right wall for some Gunpowder. Opposite the Gunpowder on a small table is a Boxed Electronic Part. Inspect it and open the side to reveal the Power Panel Part. You still need to power up the basement to get out of here, so head down the outside edge of the room until you reach a panel next to a window looking at the way out.

There are four switches will run a different amount of voltage to each of the two meters – and you’ll need to get just the right amount to restore power. Flip the two switches on the right which should do the trick – but also make way too much noise.

With power comes bad news – the escaped Zombie Dogs are now hot on your trail. One will jump the fence in the middle of the room to come after you, while another will burst through a grate along the bottom – unless you killed it back in the Kennel. You can either try and run past them quickly, or let them charge you and try taking them out with a 3-shot burst.

Exiting the Generator Room, some may see one one two dogs trying and failing to get through the barricade in front of you. Ignore them and run down the hall to the Kennel, where another dog will jump this barricade to attack you, followed by a second if you didn’t kill it in the Kennel. Keep moving through the Kennels, as the dogs that were at the barricade will burst in through a grate (again, only one dog will appear if you killed the other in the kennel earlier).

Keep juking and running in a zig-zag fashion to evade the dogs as best you can as you sprint for the exit unless you deal with them as soon as you spot them. Beyond this frame there’s no more doggy doors for them to use, but be warned as 3 more will populate the main Parking Garage upon your return.

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