Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 – Got ‘Em Achievement Guide

Got ‘Em
“Destroy all Mr. Raccoons hidden in The Ghost Survivors mode.” – For destroying all 10 Mr. Raccoons.

With this achievement you will also unlock the accessory “Mr. Raccoon”.

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Got ‘Em Achievement Guide

1. Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead
In the West Office of Police Station, the first Bobblehead lies at the top shelf to the north wall.

2. Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead
In the S.T.A.R.S. Office on the 2nd floor of the Police Station, towards the southeast corner behind a computer monitor.

3. Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead
In the Firing Range of the Police Station, in the parking garage to the north-west.

4. Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead
In Leon’s campaign exclusively, or as the 2nd scenario with Claire, in the Break Room of the Police Station. Look for it near the bunk beds behind the briefcase.

5. Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead
In the room adjacent to Police Chief’s Office in the Police Station, on a table. As a pre-requisite, you’ll need Square Crank as Leon or the Heart Key as Claire.

6. Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead
In the south room of the Ease Storage Room area, you can only obtain this particular Bobblehead playing as Claire in her campaign. After getting the Heart Key to unlock the door, find the collectible on the top shelf beside the door of the room.

7. Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead
West of Clock Tower, proceed to the end of the hallway to collect the Bobblehead on the sill of the very last window.

8. Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead
In the section after you eliminate the crocodile, playing as Leon in his campaign, you will be able to get your hands on the Bobblehead in the corner before the ladder that leads to Ada Wong.

9. Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead
In the Incinerator Room, playing as Ada in Leon’s campaign, you can collect the Bobblehead by searching for it west of the door of the room.

10. Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead
In the basketball court, playing as Claire after crossing the Parking Garage, you need to head past the court and into the bus where the collectible lies nearby the entrance door of the vehicle.

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