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Resident Evil 2 – Guide to Grappling

(i have currently been testing this on standard difficulty, the area that i have used to test this was right after the crash at the start with the fuel truck, the character i was using was Leon, i am using a PC with keyboard and mouse)

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I have recently been testing the normal zombie grappling and i have noticed that you can push them off at times and that you can even throw them in different directions.

Dodge them before they grab you
When you are grabbed by a zombie at the front, you can obviously use a sub weapon to avoid the damage or just avoid the enemy, but if you can some times push the enemy off when you are attack from the side, to do this you should try to move and look away from the zombie while running and as soon as it makes contact with you press the action button in order to push it off and keep moving, but as of right now i have found this to be inconsistent and tricky to test due to the way that zombies launch at you, so i shall keep testing (still need to test more to confirm this), this could be useful if there is a room or hall full of zombies and you cant stop (need to test in the halls)

Throw them
When you are grabbed by a zombie you are able to guide where you are going to throw it by using WASD on a key board, by pressing and holding W you will push the zombie on it back away from you forwards, by pressing and holding the A key you will throw the zombie to your left on its back, holding D throws to you right on its back and holding S will throw it behind you on to its back. This can be useful when you in a crowded area with lots of zombies as you can throw the zombie in to all the others in order to stun them for a short period and then make your escape.

Sub weapons
Sub weapons are a great resource and so try not to waste them on lone zombies, also try to have the item you don’t want to lose unequipped as when you are grabbed the item that is equipped will be the item that you will use on the zombie, this can be very bad with the infinite knife as when used it is stuck in the zombie and you must then retrieve it, and this could be difficult with other zombies around or with knife only runs. Side note, if you threw down a grenade/flash grenade before you are grabbed then when they go off it could save you from damage and if the zombie is on fire and taking damage they might die in the middle of the grab causing you to escape.

Attack on back
I have tested being grabbed from behind and, as of right now, taking damage is unavoidable and so try to never get grabbed by a zombie from the behind, same with a crawler they are unavoidable from behind when grabbed (testing might continue).

What could be tested and overall thoughts
(need to test with more sub weapons, need to test different difficulties, need to test with crawlers, see if amount of limbs affect being grabbed, perhaps test with Mr X and test with bosses, test with being grabbed from behind, test if different weapons affect being grabbed)

Overall this is a very interesting thing and i’m glad that they implemented this in to the game as it means you cant just slip on past and or just take damage but it slows you down and allows for other enemies to close in adding to the fear.
But remember that you can just go around them and not to rely solely on this as it can cause unwanted damage.

The best thing for all of you to do is to just go out and do your own research as you can then you could find something new too.

I glad you have decided to read my guide and i hope this helps you and your survival in Raccoon City.

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