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Resident Evil 2 Leon A – Destroy Plant 43 Walkthrough

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Leon A – Destroy Plant 43 Walkthrough

Sadly the lock for the drug testing machine has the last two symbols scratched off, so make a note of the first two, and then return to the Greenhouse Control Room. Go to the control panel and input the symbols that look like an F, II, two small L shapes, and F – and you’ll unlock the ladder leading down to B2.

Watch out for the regenerating Ivy Zombies as you head down the ladder into the sub-basement, and check the right side for Large Gunpowder and the Research Lab East Area Map’. Wandering into the next room, you’ll find bloodstains and claw marks all over the place – which means danger is likely close by.

The door to the Server Room is unpowered, forcing you to go deeper down the hall to a Lounge area that’s full of blood and bodies. While you may be tempted to skirt away from the pile of bodies and head right – do not! Walking down that path will trigger them to all rise up and follow you, right as a Licker appears in front of you, with another ambushing you from the rear.

Because of this, it’s better to shoot the zombies in the head now and make sure they don’t intrude when you advance down the corridor – and have grenades ready to roll as soon as the Lickers pop down, and follow up with shotgun blasts to knock them out of the air, or a magnum shot when they are stunned. You may even want to stun the first Licker with a grenade and run past it into the empty hall beyond, and snipe the pair from the relative safety of the doorway.

After making sure everything in the Lounge is well and truly dead, be sure to pick up the Shotgun Shells near the hall entrance, a Green Herb on a bench, and a Trophy on one of the lounge tables. Be sure to inspect the Trophy and look at the bottom for a code – the same code needed for the Drug Testing Room. There’s also a circuit breaker in the corner that can’t be used just yet – but soon.

Head through the next hallway and into the stairwell, and immediately turn right to blast a zombie’s head off with your shotgun. Continue up the stairs and watch out for another zombie body to tumble from the floor above in front of you – and make sure he doesn’t get up.

The next room appears to be a storage area, with a single zombie wandering around. Put her down on the ground, and look left for the door for High-Grade Gunpowder. Against the back wall here you can find a locker with ‘’’Handgun Ammo’’’, and a circuit breaker that holds a ‘’’Signal Modulator’’’ inside. There’s also a note on a small blue chair, ‘’’Somebody’s Note’’’ File that gives you a clue on how to put down Ivy Zombies for good.

As for the Signal Modulator, you can inspect the item to find a small minigame on matching wavelengths – and you can swap between the different wavelengths, but it does nothing here, so head back to the Lobby and save your game. Before we return to the Greenhouse Control Room with our code, let’s make use of the Signal Modulator.

Return back down to the Lounge, and look for the circuit breaker at the back. It displays the frequency “MURF”, so inspect your modulator and switch to that frequency, and then match the same wavelength for the MURF signal. Once you’ve matched the wavelength, place it in the circuit breaker to power up the basement, unlocking the Server Room and Low-Temp Testing Lab rooms.

Now you can head into the Server Room to find a Safe Room, complete with a Typewriter, Item Box, as well as a Combat Knife, High-Grade Gunpowder, and Fuel for your Flamethrower.

Heading down to the Low-Temp Testing Lab, you can find a computer terminal registered to the owner of your wristband, which will chirp out that you have unread emails. Read the computer to gain the Wayne Li’s Inbox File, and watch out for the zombie slumped on the nearby wall.

The room beyond is – as the name suggests – pretty cold. It also contains Gunpowder, and most importantly, a Cooling System you’ll need to create the concoction for the chemical dispersal system to kill Plant 43.

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