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Resident Evil 2 Leon A – Escape the Lab Walkthrough

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Leon A – Escape the Lab Walkthrough

Quickly sprint back through the West Area as the self destruction sequence begins, and you need to race back to the Main Shaft. Ada will appear to verify the sample as things get fairly complicated.

When the scene ends, you’ll have just 10 minutes to get out of the area before the place finishes blowing up. Ada had already hacked the main shaft platform, so enter the elevator and hit the button to go down to the bottom level platform.

Once you arrive in the Monitor Room, you can find a First Aid Spray on the tray on the right if you need to heal from that boss battle. You’ll soon find out that an old friend is also in the facility, but you won’t really be able to help them. Keep running to the end of the room and grab the Combat Knife on the right as you leave.

Outside you’ll be in the Escape Shaft, and there’s one last Typewriter to save your progress for the final push, and you can dump extra equipment into the Item Box. Quickly head into the Pump Room and take the lift down.

At the bottom, you’ll be met by resistance in the form of Ivy Zombies. There’s a Blue Herb to the left if you need it, otherwise torch them and keep running as they flail about. There’s three to deal with – so be ready to avoid getting caught by them as you dispatch each of them, then move into the Duct.

As soon as you enter the Duct, look on the side to find a Green Herb. Take the ladder down, and you’ll find a square path and a walkway to the right leading to the door – but the Tyrant will jump down to block your path. Lead him back to the square path and look at the top left to find Handgun Ammo, then dodge past him to get through the door. Remember, a single headshot from the Lightning Hawk Magnum can stun him long enough for you to run past without getting punched.

In the next room, race past the explosions and keep to the right to avoid the zombie slowly rising on the left, and dash into the next hall. You’ll run into a dead end with the Tyrant right behind you, but explosions will send you down to the platform below.

Outside you’ll finally be in the Lift Room, but the escape isn’t over just yet. Grab the nearby Red Herb by the Item Box,’ and look on the table for Handgun Ammo, and more importantly, a Joint Plug. It’s important you restock on health and ammo, because we’re not done yet.

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