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Resident Evil 2 Leon A – Return to the Monitor Room Walkthrough

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Leon A – Return to the Monitor Room Walkthrough

As you go to leave the Police Station again, you may remember that locked cabinet at the bottom of the Underground Facility stairwell. We do happen to have one related Key Item, the USB Dongle. Grab it from your Item Box as you head back through the Secret Room, and go to the cabinet. It won’t take the dongle, but there is more than one way to view this item. Examine it and slide the dongle back into place on the back to form the S.T.A.R.S. Badge, which is a perfect fit for the cabinet. Unlocking it will reveal the Long Barrel for the Lightning Hawk, which will vastly improve its handling at the cost of another inventory slot.

As you make your way back to the Workers’ Break Room in the Sewers, don’t head back through the Workroom Lift with the zombie inside. Instead, take a left back down to the Upper Waterway. Making your way up the sewer, two zombie will emerge from the water. If you don’t want to waste ammo, lead them back into the corner of the big room and then dash the other way when they start reaching to bypass them. Another zombie will also rise up at the end, but you can hop onto the ledge and quickly use the T-Brake Handle and head back down to the Bottom Waterway before he can follow.

Take the path back to the Lower Waterway and get in the water going north this time – no monsters to worry about over here. Head up the stairs to the Control Room, and use the circled letters from the Jazz Flyer you found to unlock the dial safe: SZF, and you’ll find MAG Ammo inside.

Finally, jump down from the Control Room into the Monitor Room and make sure you have all six plugs in your possession – get ready to solve that puzzle!

If the Rook and Queen plugs are opposite each other, then they have to both be in the middle, and since and we know where the Knight and Pawn plugs go, you can place the Rook plug next to the Knight plug, with the Queen plug on the other side. That means the Bishop plug, which can’t be next to the Queen, has to be placed next to the Rook plug instead by the door. This just leaves the King plug to go in the last remaining open slot next to the Queen plug.

  • Pawn / Bishop
  • Queen / Rook
  • King / Knight

With the door finally open, it’s time to finally rescue Ada from the Garbage Room, not that she’s been doing much this whole time except being unconscious. Head down the steps where you’ll find a Blue Herb and Green Herb, a locked door on the right, and a unpowered lever to open the Garbage Room.

You’ll need to go into the Main Power Room, where you can collect a Red Herb, and interact with the power panel. Similar to the Parking Garage generator, you’ll need to flip the right switches to get the right amount of juice flowing. Flip the two left switches as well as the far right one to get things rolling, and then head into the Garbage Room.

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