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Resident Evil 2 Leon B – 1F RPD / 3F RPD Library Walkthrough

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Leon B – 1F RPD / 3F RPD Library Walkthrough

1. Make your way upstairs to the 2F Art Room and use the tool to open it.

2. Climb up the stairs then exit via the door to the Balcony area. Drop down to the roof through the ladder.

3. Go down another flight of stairs to get to the Boiler Room where the Club Key is taped to the whiteboard.

4. Exit the Boiler Room and turn the lever to the right to “R to L”.

5. Go back up the stair and use the lever to douse the flames of the burning helicopter.

6. Enter the door to the left of the helicopter. The Tyrant will appear here.

7. Make your way to the Records Room on the 1st Floor to get another Tool.

8. Go up to the Library on the 2nd Floor. Move bookshelves using the Tool to create a path.

Club Key Essential to Get the Magnum
The Club Key is one of the items needed to get the Lightning Hawk Magnum from the STARS Office Armory. Use it to open the door to the Observation Room and get the Jewelry Box!

Obtain the Lightning Hawk Magnum
The Lightning Hawk Magnum is an iconic weapon! It can do an intense amount of damage per shot and is a better handgun than the regular pistol.

Tyrant will Stalk You from this Point Onwards
After your first encounter with the Tyrant, he will become an ominous presence, stalking you throughout the rest of the game. He can pinpoint your location via gunshots so best to stay quiet.

You Won’t be Able to Kill the Tyrant
No matter what you do to the Tyrant, you won’t be able to kill him. Don’t bother wasting your bullets at him. It’s best to just run away and keep your distance from him.

Tyrant Deals Tons of Damage
The Tyrant can do an intense amount of damage. They can take you down with just several hits and has a grab attack that can easily take you out if you don’t counter it.

Align Bookshelves to the Right
Use your tools to move around the bookshelves in the library. Align all 4 bookshelves to the right to create a pathway that you can use to get to the other side.

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