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Resident Evil 2 – Obtain The Electronic Parts Walkthrough

Obtain The Electronic Parts #1

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1. After exiting the Elevator, move forward to find Chief Irons’ office.
2. Head to the right side of the room. The path will lead you to the Private Collection Room.
3. Obtain the Relief and examine it to get the Heart Key.
4. Head back to the Chief’s Office, and unlock the door with the Heart logo.
5. Use the stairs to go to the 3rd floor and get the Large Gear from the East Storage Room.
6. Go to the room south of the East Storage Room to get the Electronic Part.

3. Relief

Relief Location

The Relief can be found at the end of the Private Collection room. Examining it will reveal the Heart Key at the back of the Relief.

5. Large Gear

Large Gear Location

The Large Gear is located in the East Storage Room. just above the Chief’s Office.

Electronic Part Location

The Electronic Part is found in the room south of the East Storage Room. You will need to unlock a door with a heart logo to access it.

Obtain The Electronic Parts #2

1. Head to the roof via the door next to the stairs.
2. Climb down the ladder, and down the stairs.
3. Shift the lever at the left side of the barricaded door from R to L.
4. Head back up the stairs, and pull the lever near the fire to extinguish the burning Helicopter.
5. Head inside the door to the left to encounter the Tyrant.
6. Make your way back to the Main Hall by following the path and entering the Waiting Room.
7. Go to the Records Room by unlocking the door with a Heart logo, South of the Operations Room.
8. Take the Tool, and head for the Library.
9. Use the tool on the broken Jack to move the shelves in the Library.
10. Create a makeshift Bridge to get to the inaccessible door.
11. Progress through the door and take the first door on your right.
12. Put the Large Gear on the machine to your right to lower the Stairs.
13. Head up the Stairs and get the Small Gear from the machine behind the Bell.
14. Use the Small Gear on the machine by the bottom of the Stairs.
15. Take the Large Gear from the first machine, and climb back up the Stairs.
16. Put the Large Gear in the machine where you found the Small Gear to make the Bell ring.
17. The Boxed Electronic Part will fall onto the floor for you.

5. Encounter The Tyrant

The Tyrant Will Follow You Throughout RPD
You will not be able to kill the Tyrant as it follows you around. Your only option is to outrun the Tyrant, and use open spaces to get out of the Tyrant’s reach!

8. Take the Tool

Tool Location
The tool will be located on the Records Room, South of the Operations Room at the West Side of the RPD.

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