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Resident Evil 2 – Obtain the Parking Garage Key Card Walkthrough

Obtain the Parking Garage Key Card

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Back on your feet, you can try chasing after the mystery woman by going through the door she went through, and you’ll find yourself at the entrance to the Jail. Luckily they went ahead and left a visitor’s guide to the place, so grab the Police Station Map B1 and get the Handgun Ammo too.

If you head into the Jail itself, watch out for the zombie officer playing possum on the floor. There are a lot of imprisoned zombies here, so don’t get too close to the bars unless you want to get grabbed. Take a left at the end of the hall to find the one human prisoner here.

This guy has a parking pass – the one thing that can get you out of here, but he won’t give it up unless you can help him first. As it turns out, neither of you have time to negotiate, as a giant hand bursts out of the wall and crushes the poor guy’s skull like a grape. As whatever killed him moves on, the mystery woman appears with a little more info – and a name, Ada. If you can find a way out, maybe she’ll be willing to share some more details about what’s going on.

In order to get to Ben and his Parking Garage Key, you’ll need to find some way to open the cell, but it’s electronically locked. You can however grab a Square Crank on the nearby table, and look past it for a Memo: Jail Power Panel File.

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