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Resident Evil 2 – Parking Lot Jail Walkthrough

Parking Garage Jail

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1. Climb the ladder and exit through the manhole to reach the Parking Garage.
2. Check the parking machine to trigger the cutscene.
3. After the cutscene, head to the lower left part of the parking garage to get to the Jail.
4. Go to the very end of the Jail for a cutscene then pick up the tool found on the desk.
5. Exit the jail and go back to the Parking Garage then head through the door on the left.
6. Keep going through the Kennel & move forward until you reach the Morgue.
7. Search the morgue for the Diamond Key.
8. Exit the morgue and head to your immediate right – use the tool to open the shutters you find.
9. Go through the shutters and into the Generator Room, you’ll find a box to your left with an Electrical Part.
10. Move to the back of the room and solve the switchboard puzzle by aligning the levers.
11. After unlocking the path, go back to the hallway between the Firing Range & Generator Room.
12. Go through the door and head right up the stairs to reach the 1F of the RPD.

4. Where To Find Tool

Tool Can Be Found On Desk In Jail Center
The tool you need can be found on the desk at the end of the hallway of the jail center. This is needed to open the metal shutters blocking your path.

6. Diamond Key

Find Corpse On Upper/Northern Part Of Morgue
When you get to the morgue, there will be two rows that you can open. Check the one on the northern or upper part of the map. This row is the one with the correct corpse.

Pull Corpse 2nd From The Left
The corpse with the key will be the 2nd one from the left. Be careful as when you take the key from it, it will make up along with the other zombies in the room.

Stand On Corpse’s Right To Pick Up Key
You need to be standing on the right side of the corpse to be able to pick up the key. When you do, it will wake up so be ready to run or attack it.

9. Generator Room Puzzle

Align Levers Red, Red, Green, Green
Solve the puzzle in the electricity room by aligning the levers properly. From the left, the lever colors should be red, red, green, green.

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