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Resident Evil 4 Best Save Points For S+ Difficulty

After suffering immensely during my Professional S+ run, I realise that I have nowhere else to dump this experience and knowledge but here in this guide – I hope that it will help make your playthrough just a bit easier.

Below, you will find what I believe are the best 15 places to save in order to achieve that satisfying S+, as well as some bonus information that is certain to make your time easier, all curated using my knowledge from multiple runs and a bit of experimentation.

Best Save Points For S+ Difficulty

The Village Saves

1st Save

  • After defeating Del Lago and collecting the church gate key, just before the first El Gigante boss fight, by the merchant.

2nd Save

  • At the windmill by the merchant, just before the cabin fight, by the merchant.

3rd Save

  • Inside the shack, just before the twin chainsaw sisters boss fight inside the fort.

4th Save

  • Outside the sawmill, just before the Mendez boss fight, by the merchant.

The Castle Saves

5th Save

  • Before water hall, in the room next to the tram.

6th Save

  • After finding Ashley and solving the maze puzzle, in the room next to the tram with the merchant.
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7th Save

  • At the start of chapter 10, after playing as Ashley.

8th Save

  • Before the Verdugo boss fight, by the merchant.

9th Save

  • Immediately after the minecart section, in the cavern with the Novistador nest

10th Save

  • Before entering the main room inside the clocktower, after the tram ride over.

The Island Saves

11th Save

  • At the start of chapter 13, after defeating Ramon and leaving the castle by speed boat with Ada.

12th Save

  • At the start of chapter 14, after rescuing Ashley, by the merchant.

13th Save

  • Towards the end of chapter 14, just before the final Krauser boss fight, by the merchant.

14th Save

  • Directly after the Krauser boss fight, by the merchant.

15th Save

  • Before the Saddler boss fight or alternatively, in specimen storage (both by the merchant)

Bonus Tips

  • The hardest part of the run will be making it to the first save point, which means surviving the village fight, the farm, the ravine, the fish farm, Del Lago, and the lake area. If playing on professional difficulty, I strongly recommend watching a guide at least for this first part, such as this.
  • As each boss is especially difficult on professional difficulty, ensure that you upgrade your weapons. I recommend that you unlock the sniper rifle as early as possible and focus your upgrades on it – this will make the early boss fights (and even the later ones) significantly easier!
  • To make the Ramon boss fight easier, ensure you collect and do not sell the golden egg found at the lake as it deals significant damage when thrown at him. If you miss it, there is another golden egg in the throne room of the castle.
  • There are bonus unlocks that will make the game significantly easier and reduce your time, such as the armour for Ashley which is unlocked by beating the game on Hardcore difficulty in under 10 hours – I strongly recommend getting at least this. Be careful using bonus weapons as some may prevent you from unlocking S+ rank.
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