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Resident Evil Resistance Becca Woolett Guide (Playstyles, Skills, Loadout, Tactics)

A guide to playing Becca: playstyles, skills, loadout, tactics.

Becca Woolett Guide

Becca Woolett Guide

Becca is a Damage, Firearms character, essentially a ranged damage dealer. She excels at using firearms, getting a better critical chance with them. On top of that, she enjoys additional ammo drop off killed creatures. With her infinite ammo Fever (ultimate) skill she is able to dish out impressive damage in a short period of time.

In addition, Becca is one of the faster survivors, having 10% more speed than Valerie, January, Tyrone and Martin. This helps her arrive where her damage is most needed sooner as well as run away from trouble if need be.

Unfortunately, her health is below average at 1100 with the only one worse being Martin at 1000. This, along with the lack of any associated perks, means she is a poor choice for melee combat and has no staying power.


Unlike some other characters, Becca is fairly straightforward and her role will always stay the same – a ranged damage dealer. Because of her simplicity she is a great character to start your survivor experience with and I would surely recommend her to anyone with no experience with the game as well as MMs trying out what it’s like to play as a survivor.

As a ranged damage dealer, Becca is versatile as she can tackle any potential threat her team faces – primarily creatures but also bio cores and cameras. Her role is to stay with her team and provide cover and fire support at all times. She is of great help clearing large numbers of creatures and has soft control potential, freeing her teammates from regular creatures’ grabs with well aimed shots.

There are two general playstyles with Becca, as per her skill set. First one is more slow-paced and revolves around scoring aimed full reticle shots (for 50% additional damage) as well as headshots, providing more benefits in terms of critical chance and additional ammo. Second one is simply a “run and gun” or “spray and pray” playstyle, which provides mobility at a cost of less ammo spawns and worse critical chance.

Frankly, the playstyle I favor and recommend is mobile one. The game is generally very fast-paced and dynamic, you’ll be constantly finding yourself on your feet, and aiming for full reticle is not really feasible in situations where your teammate is grabbed by a zombie and needs help, like, right now.


Becca’s Personal Skill is called Sentry Stance. She goes down on her knee and essentially becomes a turret from tower defense game. She can’t move and can only look and aim in a cone in front of her, however she acquires full reticle a bit faster and gains better damage at the same time.

Standard variation of this is called Swift – it lets you enter and exit the stance faster and simply increases your damage for 10 seconds. To let you have some idea, the damage of full reticle shot to zombie’s chest goes up from 287 to 368. Then there’s rank 11 variation called Escalation, gradually increasing your damage until twice the original damage.

My problem with this skill is how situational and niche it is compared to personal skills of other characters. Moreover, it doesn’t lend itself well to the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the game. Surely, it is a good thing to go in a sentry stance behind your teammate who’s ready to kick open the door, being ready to free him out of a grab with a well placed shot; or being able to increase your damage, going into a stance in front of the core during stage 3 and then shooting at it for a while. But.. that’s basically it.

Second variation is even more situational as you need more time to get into the stance and out of it, which might not always be feasible with how nimble and agile enemies such as lickers and dogs are common in this game. Not even saying about remaining stationary for extended periods of time to make the most out of this skill. So my decision is to sometimes use the first variation when I feel like it’s a safe and useful thing to do so while I treat the skill in general more like busywork.

First passive of Becca’s is Bullseye and it’s about getting better chance for crits. For the reference, a critical hit is currently 1.5x of your regular damage. So it’s not that great, but a nice thing to have nonetheless. Standard variation is Focus Aim – greatly increased critical chance on full reticle shots. Rank 5 variation is Mind’s Eye – lesser increase but on regular shots instead.

This essentially allows two playstyles for Becca. You either opt for slow, carefully aimed shots that will often be critical ones. Or you go guns blazing and still get those crits here and there – what’s not to love. My personal favourite here is Mind’s Eye – not only does it lend itself better to the pacing of the game, but it also has better synergy with Becca’s Fever Skill.

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Second passive is Scavenger and it continues the same “two playstyles” theme, letting you have more ammo while you’re at it. Standard variation of Creatures gives you a couple of ammo for every creature killed with firearms. Rank 17 variation of Precision gives you a bit more than that, but a creature has to be headshotted instead.

My thoughts on this are similar as above. While headshots are nice and all, it’s hard to be consistent with them, and when you don’t score a headshot, you’ll get no ammo at all. So I’d rather stay with Creatures in this case.

The most useful ability of Becca’s is certainly her Fever (ultimate) Skill – Bullet Storm. It’s straightforward infinite ammo with no need to reload for 10 seconds. Standard variation provides shorter cooldown of 150 seconds and is literally called Rapid Cooldown. And rank 23 variation Dead Shot greatly increases critical chance for the duration of Bullet Storm, but the cooldown increases almost twice up to 240 seconds.

This is one of the better ultimates and potentially the best one survivors currently have. It has many uses – from quickly clearing out a room of creatures to wrecking a core to shooting some annoying cameras. The obvious thing about this one is that no need for reload means you can get the most damage per second out of weapons with fast fire rate. However, in this case I believe the first variation is actually better than the second one. You’d rather want this one available to you more often than less often but more effective. Because, let’s face it, a critical shot is still something that’s not guaranteed and is only 1.5x regular damage after all, so I wouldn’t hype about it too much. If your damage is low, your critical damage will be low as well.


When it comes for weapons, we are looking for those with good rate of fire. Not only those contribute well to general dynamic and pacing of the game, they have great synergy with Becca’s Bullet Storm, allowing you to dish out great amount of dps on demand.

MUP – a standard handgun which is trash-tier for everyone save for Becca and Jill. In case of Becca you can use it you run a “full reticle headshots” playstyle in which case you’ll enjoy more critical shots and ammo drops than otherwise. But even then, MUP is inferior weapon and is not recommended to stick around for long. Its base damage is just 150.

Matilda – its base damage is comparable to MUP at 165, yet it is able to fire 3-round burst shots, making it a more effective alternative. This is a great weapon if you’re going after cameras, so it’s virtually a must for January. Becca, however, doesn’t really benefit from this weapon much, as it doesn’t lend itself to any particular playstyle she leans towards. So I’d skip this gun with Becca more often than not.

Quickdraw Army – this is a great, yet underestimated weapon. It has a solid base damage of 210 and very fast rate of fire. Though it empties the clip of 6 rounds in mere seconds, forcing you to constantly reload it, which is why some people hate it. However, it provides good dps and turns into a beast with Bullet Storm, since for 10 seconds you retain the damage and fire rate, but with no need to reload anymore. It will wreck creatures and cores. Using it outside your ultimate is sometimes frustrating though.

MQ11 – this submachine gun has very fast fire rate, but the base damage of only 90, so with its clip of 50 rounds it’s very ammo-consuming yet not very practical. And its dps output on Bullet Storm is inferior to Quickdraw because of much lower base damage. You can use to hit nimble enemies such as dogs but there’s little use to this weapon otherwise.

LE5 – a better submachine gun, exchanging stronger base damage of 126 with slower rate of fire than MQ11. Though it is more conservative regarding to ammo and provides a middle ground option dps-wise between Quickdraw and MQ.

W-870 (aka shotgun) – there are two problems about shotgun. First is general one, sometimes it’s tricky to make the shots actually connect and this weapon could be more reliable than it is right now. It has good base damage of 880, but that is only true in close quarters. Second is it’s not of any particular use to Becca, since it’s neither a headshot machine, nor an automatic weapon. Also, it’s pointless on Bullet Storm. So I’d skip this one as Becca.

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Lightning Hawk (aka magnum) – with the base damage of 813, you’ll get good numbers on your full reticle headshots as Becca if you fancy that kind of playstyle. However, with this weapon Bullet Storm only means 10 seconds of free ammo and nothing else. So it doesn’t really have great synergy with Becca as much as fast fire rate weapons do.

Then there are special weapons that you get from supply zombies, teamplaying Januaries and sometimes stage 3 of the Casino map.

Chemical Flamethrower – it is as good for Becca as any other characters, nothing special as a weapon. Good against Ivy’s and Alex’s plant Yateveo, but that’s about it. There are far better special weapons for Becca.

Spark Shot – another weapon straight out of RE2make, it’s more of a control weapon rather than damage weapon. It’s useful to stun the creature or Birkin. Give it to Valerie or something. Firing rate is so slow that using Bullet Storm on this is pointless.

Grenade Launcher – this is actually a good weapon. Not only it does some damage, but has decent rate of fire and its acid has stun / knockback effect on enemies as well as bioweapons, especially true against Birkin and Yateveo. With 5 grenades, once you reach the last one you should only use it inside your ultimate when you enjoy infinite ammo. With this you can wreck a small army of creatures pretty fast, and what you won’t kill you will stun. This also frees your teammates out of grabs, something Becca is inherently lacking. Overall a good weapon. Oh and lickers are especially weak against it. And lickers on steroids are some of the more annoying enemies this game has to offer.

Minigun – now you’re talking. Fast rate of fire and great damage. It normally has 150 rounds to it, but with Bullet Storm you can find it and then use it for the whole game. Second-best weapon you can have as Becca.

ATM (Rocket Launcher) – this is top weapon for Becca because of Bullet Storm. You can potentially fire about 8 rockets for the duration of your ultimate, and with 4500 damage each it lets you clear rooms of hordes, wreck cores and wreak havoc in general. For 10 seconds anyway. A very powerful weapon, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it.

As for other equipment, for the reasons I outlined you shouldn’t bother with melee weapons. Your top purchases outside of better firearms will be ammo, green and blue herbs. Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to get a grenade or molotov to be able to clear a room or save your teammate from bioweapon grab in a pinch, when you can afford it.


There are several possible builds with Becca, each capitalizing on her strengths. Mind that for skills I’d go all first variations except for the first passive, where I would go for the second one (Mind’s Eye).

A build I used to run before Jill-patch was damage focused: FMJ Rounds I + II + III for a total of ~30% damage increase dependant on the weapon in question. This is simple and straightforward – more damage means more damage per second and more critical damage as well. What’s not to love?

With Jill-patch however, meta seems to have shifted to “Mixtape build” – reducing cooldown for Bullet Storm to lowest possible. This is very logical, as Bullet Storm is the best tool in Becca’s arsenal. With Mixtape I + II + III you are able to reduce your ultimate cooldown to 110 seconds all the way down from 150. And for the last spot I still use FMJ I.

There are possible deviations from this builds, like you could pitch in an Ammo Pack if you feel like you need more ammo. EMP rounds, if you feel like you want to be a second January and help shooting the cameras. Rounds that give more knockback aren’t really worthy because of automatics you’ll mostly be using that have low base knockback and because of Daniel knockback resistance build. So there are better investments for you.

As always, when picking equipment I look at the character’s strengths and try to further augment them, instead of trying to remedy its weaknesses. Therefore I won’t bother placing stuff like Shoulder Pad on Becca or something else that is not useful in her intended role. Also, although I can see how Becca would benefit from Army Boots with how fast she originally is, it’s still 5 points that I feel could be better spent elsewhere.

Team Tactics

Becca Woolett Team Tactics

While Becca has no skills of support or control nature that directly benefit her team, she’s still a great team player. She should always stick with her team to provide cover and general firepower, helping clearing out infested rooms, destroying cores and the like. She shouldn’t rush off on her own and adventure, nor should she be the pointman or the tank for the group. There are other characters better fitting for that role.

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Becca enjoys notable synergy with high-ranked January who is able to purchase special weapons like Minigun and ATM from the shops and then drop them for Becca to use throughout the game. This is random-based but possible as early as stage one, so potentially is very powerful and can provide for a smooth game.

That said, good teammates who know of Becca’s strengths will always try to leave/drop such weapons for Becca if they got them from Supply zombies. But you should be proactive about it and not rely on them too much, they tend to be selfish or ignorant about the character mechanics sometimes.

Another good synergy is Jill’s rocket launcher build – while Jill is able to totally wreak havoc with it, her cooldown is long and thus her dps is overall inconsistent and Becca helps to remedy that. Potentially Becca can outdamage Jill if she gets her hands on an ATM – she is able to use it more often and fire more rockets with more damage each time. So Becca is more powerful, provided you’re playing in a competent / premade team. If not, you can still provide some decent dps with, example, Quickdraw. Wrecking a core with it in one Bullet Storm is absolutely a thing. Needless to say, should you manage to run two rocket launchers as Becca and Jill, your team will be unstoppable.

Becca also works well in pairs will more durable characters that are not afraid of going into close quarters, such as Tyrone, Sam and Jill. Her role there is to cover them and help them out of possible creature grabs with her shots.

Mastermind Tactics

Becca Woolett Mastermind Tactics

Annette – Becca works best against creature spammers such as Annette. She’ll provide a lot of creatures for Becca to shoot. She has a lot in a way of buffing them, so expect to see hordes of lickers running around on steroids. You’ll need good firepower with decent rate of fire against that, that’s why I advise against slow and steady full reticle shot builds. Birkin however is a clumsier bioweapon, and with her speed Becca is more likely to run away. That said, regular firearms are almost useless against Birkin, so unless you have ATM or a Spark Shot you won’t even be able to free your teammate out of his grab, so don’t bother trying to kill him.

Daniel – he loves to use his controlled zombies that regenerate and are tough to begin with. Early on you just won’t have enough firepower to deal with them, except if you random a Quickdraw from the shop and use it on Bullet Storm. Fully armored zombies are most annoying – remember that the back is their weak spot. Try to stay away from controlled zombies, as they will down you pretty easily. Mr. X is one of the scarier bioweapons because of how hard he hits, so stay away from hit. Luckally, you can outrun a bioweapon or use old-fashioned door tactics to slow it down.

Alex – she is hard on traps but also infection, so you’ll find youself in need of buying blue herbs more often. Her plant Yateveo is kinda meh, but it can still grab you and eat you if you get close. But it’s more of annoying rather than dangerous. Also, it’s one bioweapon that’s easy to kill, if you have a good special weapon on Bullet Storm that is. ATM and Grenade Launcher are particularly good fits against it.

Spencer – right now there are two kinds of Spencers. Ones that utilize no zombies but a lot of camera guns and turrets. Against those you’ll have to become a second January. There’s no creatures around to speak of, so you’ll have to help her shoot cameras more often. And then there are Spencers who think they are Annettes and spam hordes of zombies using their vast energy pools. When Spencer deploys his force field you just stay away from it and it will disappear on its own soon enough.


Becca is fun and straightforward character to play. She is useful to any team composition as good and arguably the best damage dealer right now, and overall a fitting character to start your REsistance experience with.

Thanks for reading this guide and I hope you found it useful. As always, share your experience, builds and tactics as Becca in comments.

Special thanks goes to Shinn Ryusei for sharing specific numbers for character stats and weapons damage, and MentalMan for aiding with screenshots for this guide.

Written by Harris

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