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Resident Evil Village How to Change FOV (with Mod)

Resident Evil Village’s FOV is unacceptable, right?

How to Change FOV in Resident Evil Village

  • Use this mod: here (nexusmods)
  • Run the mod before launching the game.

Comments from some users using this mod:

User1: I’m using the listed mod, have my FOV set to 90 and disabled the Vignette. Everything is working properly and I see no downsides after playing for around 3 hours. I don’t notice anything off about cut scenes either.

User2: Honestly I’d prefer that even if it maybe might show some minor issues with fullscreen effects or out of camera view animation bugs. Games that go from playing FOV to cinematic FOV and both are the same perspective (first person) makes me ill.

User3: Didn’t notice anything outrageous so far at 95, my sweet spot (I just got past where the ‘castle’ demo let you play so far)

Been a bunch of cutscenes. Infact (very zero spoilers here) the prologue has you in Ethan’s home carrying his baby daughter in his arms as you can walk around, so if you’d think there’d be any clipping issues or wonky animations it would be there, but looking down and around still seemed 100% fine.

It really does seem like is zero excuse for Capcom to omit this.

User4: The FOV should be based on how far you sit from the screen because it has to continue based on your vision. For PC 90 or a little higher is great, but for consoles, especially if you’re sitting a bit further away, then lower FOV makes more sense.

End of the day it should be an option for the user.

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