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Ride 3 – How to Win Drag Races (Short Guide)

This guide is more a tips list than a “how to always win drag races”. It is just my return of experience after had a really hard time to win drag races.

For now, I win all my races thanks to that little tips I’ll provide you.

But remember, surely, you will have to restart many times before find the good setup, and finally win!

Don’t be frustated, and see this as a real Challenge!

Before the race

  • First of all, might be pretty mindless to say that, but, full upgrade your bike, don’t forget the gearbox, this is the most important.
  • If you want to save some bucks, don’t upgrade brakes (because hell yeah, we don’t need f*** brakes)

At race start

  • Before start the race, edit your race options: Set the anti-wheelie to full
  • Now get into the suspension tab, lower all.
  • Why do we do that? Because with hard suspensions you have less powerloss due to inertia.
  • Don’t touch the gear for now.
  • Start the race.

Race starts

Let’s go for the hard things!

  • Get to full rev.
  • Set the 1st gear when the “1” disappear from the screen.
  • Hold your left stick forward, to prevent wheelie, hold it till the wheel don’t want to go up anymore.
  • Upshift before red revs.

Now you got a good start, but you probably didn’t won!

Here’s the most important part, you have to be patient and observer.

  • Look at your opponent, try to see when he loose you, or when you loose him, watch when he upshift.
  • Set your gearbox to counter his gearbox.
  • I usually set the first 3 or 4 gear shortest as I can (depends of the situation) to get a pretty good start. Then the 5th and 6th are longer.
  • Then, play with the final ratio to try to get the good setting.
  • It can depends of some bikes, because you have to know a little about bikes, 2-cylinders have -generally- more torque than 4-cylinders, so you can play with longer gear because of the power that is lower in rev.
  • As example, a 1000 GSXR get the most of it power at 10000 rpm, when a 1299 Panigale will get most power at 8500 rpm.
  • That’s why I said, you have to play with gear and now your bike.
  • Look your opponents, and try to determinate when you can overtake him when he upshift.

I usually try between 10 or 15 times before won my drag races, but it is not so much time. Hope those tips will help you to win, it might be not a perfect “guide”, but it works for me!

Written by Shaka

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