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Rider World FAQ

Rider World FAQ


  • To open the Rider Menu, press U. This will display your inventory, equipped items, rider stats, and settings.
  • Pressing TAB will open the radar, which shows the locations of the shop or Odin trials. It also displays the player list, their distance from you, and the duel button.
  • To transform, press H. Press T to change into a sub-rider and select from your obtained sub-riders. Certain riders have special forms that can be activated by pressing X.
  • Pressing 1 activates combat mode. Moves will vary, but the default key binds are E, R, C, V.
  • To recover HP/Gauge, press Z. Your HP and Gauge will slowly increase, but this can be boosted with the Fast Regeneration Pass.
  • Press B to access your bike.

Obtaining Transformations/Sub-Riders

  • In Rider World, new transformations/sub-riders are created through the NPC Odin (Deck Builder).
  • Depending on the rider, different conditions and ingredients are needed to create the deck.
  • For example, to make Red Dragon, bring the Contract Card, Empty Deck, and 2 Dragon Fangs to Odin (Deck Builder).
  • Note that transformations like The First and Noir are only available for a limited time.

Starting and Leveling Up

  • To level up, fight enemies within your level range.
  • New players start at Level 1 and progressively fight enemies corresponding to their current level.
  • For a more in-depth leveling up guide, refer to the LEVEL UP GUIDE section.

Earning Yen

As of Patch 0.9.2, ways to obtain Yen include:

  • Doing Daily Quests
  • Opening boxes at the café
  • Selling items to the Junk Buyer NPC
  • Selling food to the Food Buyer NPC
  • Selling items to the Gear Crafter at the GYM

Gears and Drop Rates

  • Gears can be obtained by defeating certain mobs or using Mirror’s Gearbox.
  • Strength increases m1s and some skills.
  • Dexterity increases ability damage.
  • Agility increases the chance to take less damage.

Lag and Performance Issues

If your game is lagging, you can try the following:

  • Reconnect to the same server or join another one to fix lag caused by Final Vents spamming.
  • Turn on Low Graphic Mode.
  • Turn off Other Players FX.

Drop Rates

  • Common: 50%
  • Uncommon: 25%
  • Rare: 15%
  • Epic: 9.9%
  • Legendary: 0.1%

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