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Ring of Elysium Controls and Useful Tips

Ring of Elysium is a multiplayer open world survival game where you will be controlling a lot of things from gathering items to survive to take down those who want to kill you. The game offers you a highly detailed control panel for character customization. Once the virtual avatar is ready, the next important thing is to learn the controls.

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Ring of Elysium Controls

The default control scheme for Ring of Elysium for PC is:

  • Space – Jump
  • C – Crouch
  • Z – Prone
  • (=) – Auto-run
  • R – Reload
  • B – Toggle Fire Mode
  • H – Holster Weapon
  • 1 – Primary Weapon
  • 2 – Primary Weapon 2
  • 3 – Secondary Weapon
  • 5 – Throwable
  • V – Switch Scope
  • Q – Mark Target Position
  • 7 – Use Med Kit
  • 8 – Use First-aid Kit
  • 9 – Use Bandage
  • Ctrl + 1 – Vehicle Seat 1
  • Ctrl + 2 – Vehicle Seat 2
  • Ctrl + 3 – Vehicle Seat 3
  • Ctrl + 4 – Vehicle Seat 4
  • TAB – Inventory
  • M – Map

Useful Tips

1) You can switch directions on the zipline simply by pressing backwards (S) while riding; useful if you end up taking the wrong zipline, or realize your about to drop into a big firefight.

2) You can jump off the zipline as soon as your character lifts their legs up; they perform an animation to indicate when you are able to jump off. This can mean getting back to your gun slightly quicker than running the zipline until the end of the line.

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3) I find footstep noise to be key to winning close range firefights; keeping that in mind you can Sprint/Run/Walk both standing and whilst crouching. Meaning you can move a little faster while crouched, or conversely; move even more quietly if you’re in the same house for example.

4) This may or may not seem obvious, but you don’t need to hold down E or ‘Use’ when completing an action – I thought you had to, but pressing it again will actually cancel the action.

5) If you press Q at a target it puts a marker there and indicates the distance. This is very useful when playing Duos/Squads to let your teammate(s) know where the enemy is, or where to meet up, or get to.

  • You can also use it in Solo matches to know how far away a distant enemy is, and whether or not it’s worth it to attempt to shoot them.

6) Hold CTRL and drag ammo/items to the center of the screen in order to drop an indicated number as it’s not well-explained how to do this in-game. You can also type in the amount you wish to drop.

7) You can deploy the hangglider by tapping spacebar again (no need for F).

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8) The 7, 8, and 9 keys on the keyboard use your medits, first aids, and bandages. I would consider mapping these to side mouse buttons for easy access.

9) By default, voice chat is set to squad only. If you want to proxy chat enemies, set it to “All”

10) If you are in a ski lift (or vehicle with multiple seat), use CTRL+1,2,3,4 to shift seats. If you ADS, you can get a pretty good view of where you are going and potential enemies. You can also heal while in a passenger seat.

  • Also, when you’re in a vehicles passenger seat the vehicle does not run (however if you just swtiched seats, the vehicles engine still makes noise for about 5 secs) so you can essentially hide in a vehicle as the enemy make think its a free vehicle.
  • Note: The ski lifts do not have map markers indicating where they are going, so you have to visually estimate.

11) You can move (albeit slowly) while healing. So, if you’re near a corner, you can start the healing process a little sooner knowing that you can still get behind that cover/corner.

12) Silenced weapons are extremely quiet – to the point where you can be within 30 ft of your opponent and they may not immediately know exactly where they are being targeted from. Use this to your advantage as you can fire off a quick burst, get behind cover, and if they lack cover (use at your own discretion) know that the enemy only has a vague idea – behind, left, etc.; of where you’re hitting them from.

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