Ring of Elysium - How to Board the Helicopter

Ring of Elysium – How to Board the Helicopter

Various strategies for boarding the helicopter at the end of the game.

Method #1 One Minute Left

For this strategy, first find a spot near the helicopter (or have a vehicle). This spot should ideally have only one entrance, and you should be not visible from the outside. Wait in this spot until one of these conditions are met:

  • Two people have boarded the helicopter
  • There is one minute left (the storm will cause low visibility)
  • You are the last person alive

Then, run to the helicopter and board it. Waiting until two people board both provides a distraction, and removes two enemies.

Waiting until there is one minute left ensures that there is low visibility, causing you to be less likely to be shot while boarding. I do not reccommend waiting until there is one minute left, as you may get held up on your way to the helicopter.

Method #2 Rush

This method is pretty straightforward. Just rush the helicopter as soon as it arrives. However, at least check that no one is watching you, and that the helicopter is acutally there. (it takes a few seconds for it to fly to the point.)

Method #3 Clearing It Out

For this method, you will need:

  • Weapons with good attachments (scope/red dot/holo at the minimum)
  • Around 100 bullets of non-shotgun ammunition at minimum
  • Lots of healing (reccommended 20 bandages and some first aid kits)
  • Ideally, at least one piece of superior armor (helmer or vest)

When the final circle is announced, do not board the helicopter right away. Instead, run around and look for enemies to kill. Then, once everyone is either dead, boarded the helicopter, or the storm has arrived, board yourself. This method is risky due to the amount of people you will encounter.

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