Ring of Elysium The Mystery Case Document Locations

Locations and tips to get the Secret police event ongoing. (2nd January) This guide will be updated through time, with each update of the event itself.

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Mystery Case

January 2nd – January 15th, Pacific standard time.
In this time period, there will be 7 stages.
For every 2 days a “stage” will switch out for the next one.


On this website you can find more information about the event, but the basics are as follows:

  • Seven stages
  • 2 days time limit to finish a stage
  • After finishing the stage you unlock a bit of the lore of the game and are still eligible for the secret special mystery reward available by the start of S2 of the Adventurer Pass

What’s a stage?
Well, you go to the website up above. Enter your INGAME name.
Click the only available [At the moment] case.

Day #1 Vampire In The Snow

The 3 clues are 3 locations. We can tell from the first one that the general area is the Ski Resort.

  • The first clue is dropping the Ski Resort name, so we’re certain it’ll be there. There’s 2 bus stations at the Ski Resort though.
  • The second clue is Talking about one of the snowment – The Snowy Brothers, specifically the bigger one at the top of the resort! This is also the first one you’ll check.
  • The third clue is talking about a sitting area, and specifically mentioning the end of the slope. This is the last location you’ll check.

The order:

First you’ll go to the second clue. Or well, should.
Reminder, you NEED a glider for this one.
A glider is recommended for it regardless, as it is the fastest way to collect all three, if you’re unlucky.

You should spawn in a bit above the Restuarant area, so you can instantly glide over it. The location is on top of the hat.

Damn – I had no luck with the first one. But no worries – the first clue is the second spot, and it is very easy to get to it from this hat.

It’s vaguely in this location.

This bus station is the one referred to in the clue. You’ll be going into one of them – specifically the middle one.

No luck again. Convenient for this guide at least.

The last one is at the bottom of the slope at the tents, on one of the tables. Just find a rock to the left of the busses and glide down the slope.

Don’t bother trying to copy this code, it’s different for each user. Think of it as a referral code of sorts. Anyways, when you enter it you get greeted with L O R E.

A neat detective mystery on the background of Dione. Throught the days we’ll get to read more of it.

Note: if you miss a stage, the short story gets unlocked for you on the next stage – so if you missed some and want to read the story, don’t worry about it.

Best of luck, hopefully you board the chopper! (Not required to unlock)

Day #2 White Angel

1. Apparently, the mayor of Ring Mountain City really likes the obelisk those Europeans got from Egypt, so he decided to get one for himself and place it right in front of his office, he even made the top completely flat just to set himself apart.

Try to land in this place bro.

2. Ring Mountain City has the flagship store of the biggest donuts chain in Dione, I really dig their logo, that huge donut.

3. I really hate going to the Ring Mountain City Hall to handle businesses, you have to make an appointment for everything! Then you gotta wait at the gigantic lobby that is completely exposed to the outside, even with the heat on, it’s still freezing has hell.

Look this strange sofa.

Day #3 Woman With A Goat’s Head

1. You would never want to get close to the Andvari Mines when they start their shifts, especially that refining tower, oh god, the noise of that thing could drive all the animals away.

2. The jobs at the Andvari Mines are all pretty dangerous, even the gas tank’s administrator has to be very careful to not fall when climbing it, it won’t be as simple as just breaking a leg.

3. Some mountain climbers like to set up their tents on top of those weird rocks, like the ones between the mines and the police station.

Day #4 The Red Lamb

1. There was a wrecked airplane that actually almost hit the Dione Police Station, due to various reasons, the Northern Airlines never sent anyone to reclaim it, I’ve heard it became a tourist spot.


2. The furthest outpost for the police station is not the towers, it’s a small RV trailer, the policemen that has to work shifts at that outpost during the winter always had to bring a camp stove for themselves.


3. There’s sofas on the second floor of the lobby is the only pair of sofas in the entire police station. And I understand that there isn’t any budget for us to decor the place.

Day #5 The Dismembered Boy

1. I’ve heard that the twin towers on top of the Herschel Academy is a sanctuary for the lovers, it’s a pretty discreet place, but if both towers have people in them, then it becomes kinda awkward.


2. Unbelievable, some people actually lives in the RV trailers under the metal deer frame next to lake Herschel! I gotta say, these anglers are really hardcore.

SPOT HERE (if you can and pick angler for fast leaving !!!)

3. There is only one newsstand at the Snowlake town, I guess people in this town aren’t really into reading, huh?


Day #6 Silent Prophet

1. I’ve heard that the church at Graveyard is very open-minded, they allow the night watchman to sit at the top of the church when they get tired, while monitoring the entire graveyard.

If you don´t know we have a big church for your prayers in Stele Village.

2. Alvitr Castle and Wagner City is separated by a small mountain, often times, there’s a lot of mountain climbers and zipliners gathering at the top of the mountain for barbeques and admiring the stars.

3. In the highland on the Southwestern side of Stele Village, the bonfire is lit all night long, apparently it’s used to guide the souls of the deceased.

Day #7

1. The towers at Fort Tyrfing are so damn tall, and they’re guarded by guards loaded with guns all the time, at least before the snowstorm came.

At the higher tower

2. There are many watchtowers around Fort Tyrfing, the one next to Sober Village often intercepts villagers that crossed the line “by accident”.

3. There was once a helicopter that went out of control and got shot down at the south of Fort Tyrfing, that area is now guarded by the military, the military always has a lot of mysteries.

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    Excellent. Don’t know how I got the code without getting on the Restaraunt Snowman’s hat 2 out of 3? Wish your page had a “like” button.

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    The code has a chance to appear on a note. No need to do it in order.
    If you didn’t get the code, just try the same note in the next game.

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