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Rise of Industry Controls and Settings

Rise of Industry PC Keyboard Controls.

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Rise of Industry Controls

  • W,A,S,D: These will move the camera Up, Left, Right, and Down.
  • Space,1,2,3: Controls the pace of the game.
  • E & Q: Rotates the Camera 90 degrees
  • R: Rotates buildings
  • G: Displays grid lines
  • X: Exactly copys a selected building
  • Tab: Displays the building names, resources, and building names. (Tap multiple times)
  • Alt: Displays Production bubbles above farms and factories
  • Shift+Left Click: Allows you to build multiple buildings at once
  • Ctrl+Z: Undo recently placed buildings (only while paused)
  • F8: Top Down Camera Mode
  • F9: Turns off/on permit boarders
  • F10: Helicopter camera mode
  • F11: Removes the User Interface (UI) for screenshots
  • Hold Shift while starting RoI: Displays area to rebind keys and select window mode.

Aside from the basic movement, camera angle, and game speed, the most useful controls include displaying the resources, production bubbles, and the top-down camera mode.

Displaying the resources and production bubbles makes managing your production chains much easier as you now have (1.) visible cues on the map telling you where everything is and (2.) an easy way to see if the buildings are working as intended.

If you’ve ever had trouble placing buildings, farms, or fields accurately switching to the top-down camera view can help immensely with placements.

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Basic RoI Settings

  • Income Popups: Briefly displays profit gains on the map
  • Expense Popups: Briefly displays expenses on the map
  • Confirm Demolish: When destroying buildings this prompt will ensure the correct building is selected
  • Full Storage Alerts: Alerts the player when a building can’t hold any more of a particular good
  • Automated Warehouses: When placing Warehouses, this will automatically switch building within its radius to automatic
  • Enable Analytics: Feedback data to the development team
  • Skip Intro: Enables or disables Rise of Industry’s Introduction
  • Minimal Money: Minimal value indicators for profits and expenses

When Automated Warehouses are enabled, warehouses will automatically override manual dispatches within their area of effect (AoE) once placed. This can be annoying as you’ll sometimes want to dispatch raw products and farm goods yourself to save on costs.

I’ll play without auto warehouses enabled. If/when I do want to automate the upper levels of a production chain, I’ll switch the dispatches to auto myself at the desired factories as well as change the auto input/outputs in the warehouse.

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