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Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition Achievement Guide 100%

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition Achievement Guide 100%

How to get all 33 Achievements in the new Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition. Also includes where to find secret exits!

General Gameplay

Achievements gotten through regular gameplay

Ludicrous Achievement GuideYES!

Earn a Ludicrous Gibs Bonus Often happens to enemies when using a missile weapon.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideGreed Is Good

Get an extra life by collecting Ankhs Get 100 Ankhs for a 1-UP

Ludicrous Achievement Guide“Fool Me Once…”

Kill a Lightning Guard who previously played dead Lightning Guards sometimes beg for their life and play dead. They get back up and start shooting you shortly afterwards so be less trigger happy in order to get this achievement.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideDeath From Above

Kill an enemy by landing on its head Best done in more vertical areas. It doesn’t matter how high you are because being on top of an enemy will damage them.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideFire From Olympus

Kill five enemies with a single God Mode Powerup fireball God Mode shoots orbs which home in and chain kill enemies. If you do it on a bigger group you should get this easily.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideHere Boy!

Kill three enemies with a Dog Mode Powerup bark blast If you hold down the fire button in Dog Mode, you start charging a bark blast and if you hold it long enough, it destroys everything in a wide area. Easy to land on a group of enemies.

Ludicrous Achievement Guide“You’re Toast”

Roast five enemies in one firewall shot The Flamewall shoots a missile on the ground which turns into a wall of fire going forwards. Line up enemies in a row and shoot from a ways back to get this.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideSeven Ten

Kill two enemies with a split missile Split Missile splits into two rockets horizontally shortly after shooting. Each of the two rockets has to land and kill two different enemies so it has to be lined up perfectly.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideWild Pitch

Kill five enemies in one level with the Excalibat special attack Holding down the fire button with the Excalibat charges up and releases a wide hitting explosive pitcher move. Line up enemies horizontally to get this.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideBefore It Was Cool

Get some serious air with a firebomb jump without dying Get the Firebomb and Asbestos armor first. Then push against the side of a wall and shoot down in order to rocket jump without dying.

Ludicrous Achievement GuidePainting The Walls

Gib an enemy while under the influence of the Shrooms Mode Powerdown Pick up Shrooms Mode then gib an enemy with a missile or other weapon. Possibly the earliest level where you can find Shrooms is in “The HUNT Begins – E1A3: The Fourth Door”

Completion and Bosses

Achievements you get by progressing through the Episodes normally

Ludicrous Achievement GuideGoin’ Down the Fast Way

Beat “The HUNT Begins”

Ludicrous Achievement GuideYou’re Late

Get to the very end of “The HUNT Begins” end-of-episode messages

Make sure not to skip the credits after you finish “The HUNT Begins”!

Ludicrous Achievement GuideCCCool

Beat “Dark War”

Ludicrous Achievement GuideHavana Smooth

Beat any level in “Extreme ROTT”

Ludicrous Achievement GuideI Choose The Stairs

Beat “The HUNT Continues”


Achievements for killing the end of episode bosses in “Dark War”

Ludicrous Achievement GuideBuried In A Lunchbox

Defeat General Darian Fought in E1B7; you destroy all the switches in the arena and he eventually opens the door and comes out of his central room. If you manage to get the Asbestos armor in his room, the rockets he shoots barely damage you so it should be an easy fight if you get it.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideNot A Hallucination

Defeat Sebastian “Doyle” Krist Fought in E2B7; Krist fires rockets and discs at you. Use circle strafing and dipping in and out behind cover for this boss.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideJust A Rolling Trashcan

Defeat the NME Fought in E3B7; The Nasty Metallic Enforcer fires homing rockets, discs, drunk missiles and a volley of fireballs. Make sure to move constantly, searching the arena for as many resources as possible and avoid getting cornered since this boss is no joke.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideA Bad Egg

Defeat El Oscuro without eliminating all of his eggs

Ludicrous Achievement GuideI Hate Snakes

Defeat El Oscuro while eliminating his eggs El Oscuro has three boss levels for the entire fight, E4A7, E4A9 and E4A10. In E4A7, the strategy for this boss is to avoid shooting him because he retaliates with a similar attack if you shoot him. You wait until he turns into a snake and runs off. In E4A9, you just chase him through the level as the title suggests. But E4A10 is where the real fight is.

  • To get the bad ending and the A Bad Egg achievement, you have to kill El Oscuro as normal in the arena in the middle without destroying all the eggs in the level. (El Oscuro can only be damaged when it’s over a firepit.)
  • To get the good ending and the I Hate Snakes achievement, you have to kill all the eggs in the level, which are all located in three separate rooms throughout the final level. Also eggs can not be killed by bullets, only by rockets, staffs, etc.
  • To get to the third egg room, you either have to have the Flight powerup enabled and fly over the wall, or use the FireBomb and Asbestos armor to look down, fire at your feet and rocket jump.


Secret Exits, Secret Items and more Secret Achievements.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideWell Done!

Finish any level with all enemies killed and all secrets found Best done in a small level. The game only will tell you if you got everything on the level results screen so be thorough.

Secret Exits

Prelude To A Kill

The first secret exit in the game does not have an achievement attached to it. In E1A1 of “The HUNT Begins” there is an elevator behind a push block at the beginning of the level that only opens after 3 minutes on the clock. It also closes after 5 minutes so get there quickly. In the elevator room, there’s a sequence with GADs and switches which opens up a side room in the elevator area which leads to the secret exit.

The secret exit leads to three bonus levels from “The HUNT Begins Deluxe Edition”

Ludicrous Achievement Guide

Ludicrous Achievement GuideWall to Wall

Find the entrance to “Wall to Wall” Found in E1A3 – The Fourth Door of “The HUNT Begins”. In the final room with the exit, there’s a touchpad on the ground behind some barrels which opens a side room. Get past the numerous traps to get to the secret exit.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideTurn of the Screw

Find the entrance to “Turn of the Screw” Found in E1A3 – Burned and Amazed. In approximately the bottom right corner of the map, you find a jump pad into a flying powerup. Use the powerup to fly over nearby spike traps, over a pillar, fire and other traps to get to the secret exit.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideElevator Trouble

Find the entrance to “Elevator Trouble” Found in E2A5 – Rocky Plateau. This level is a pain in the neck but the secret exit makes it easier. The secret exit is opened via touchpad in the north part of the map in an open area nearby the GAD lift. It opens a side path in the middle area to the secret exit.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideEight Ways to Hell

Find the entrance to “Eight Ways to Hell” Found in E3A6 – Movin’ Walls. Right on the tile before the exit door, there’s a touchplate that opens up a nearby secret with another touchplate which opens another nearby section. You have to open a nearby pushwall with a Godmode powerup to survive being crushed and to get through a group of enforcers guarding the secret exit.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideSwitched Around

Find the entrance to “Switched Around” Found in E4A4 – Diamonds & Rust. Pick up Asbestos Armor and a Firebomb in order to get through a pathway of fireballs and blade traps. You then have to rocket jump over a smaller wall to reach the secret exit.

Secret Items

Ludicrous Achievement GuideDevelopers…

Find the Developer Ball Found in E2A6 – The Four-Way Chamber. Close to the beginning of the level, to the right of the triangle room there’s a secret pushwall which opens up to a hazardous path which leads a small room with a bunch of Ankhs. You have to step on one of the touchpads in the path in order to make the room accessible as well. There’s another pushwall inside which leads to the red Oscuro Key. Later in the level you see a small room with a Red door which has the Developer Ball inside.

Ludicrous Achievement Guide…of Incredible…

Find the Incredible Ball Found in E3A3 – Dead in Five Seconds. In the maze near the beginning of the level, there is a pushwall close to a Ballistikraft which leads to a lot of fire and then the Developer Ball.

Ludicrous Achievement Guide…Power!

Find the Power Ball Found in E4A6 – Circles of Fire. After you activate a touchpad, the fire walls close off the entrance so you have to run back out before they close. Backtrack to an earlier room with a lot of Ankhs and a wall has opened to reveal the last Developer Ball.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideFish Polka

Find Scott’s Mystical Head Found in E2A3 – The Room. In an area with a Flight powerup, a bunch of spikes and a switch, there’s a jump pad leading to a catwalk that drops off to Bulletproof Armor and two extra lives. On the catwalk you can walk into a specific part of the sky which won’t kill you and leads to a secret area with Scott’s head. Use the automap to find the passage.

Warp Only

The next two levels require cheats, so type in “DIPSTICK” during normal gameplay to enable them and then type in GOTO to access a level select.

Ludicrous Achievement GuideYou Do Not Belong Here

Enter a warp-only level

Ludicrous Achievement GuideI’M FREE!

Free a moving wall from the confines of reality Go to “E4A13 – This Causes an Error!” and wait for something glorious.


And that’s it! I hope this helps as I wanted this to be easily digestible while not being too cumbersome. Whether old fans or new, this is a pretty nice port so it deserves a decent guide.

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